Borderlands export opotion missing

There is not an option on my 360 Borderlands 1 to export character saves.

There was a recent patch that added the option to export saves, I’d check for updates.

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Got you moved. As bill posted, there was an update available last week that added the Export option to the 360 version.

Is it only the 360 GOTY edition? I have the original disc (not GOTY) but I have all the dlc and everything.

That shouldn’t matter? The update is to the base game itself i.e. a title update.

Are you logged into Xbox Live? I had this problem last night on my PS3, turned out it didn’t log me into PSN automatically. After that was fixed, the option showed itself.

yeah I was logged in, it gave me a 4 MB update on my 360

I ended up installing it on my xbox one and the option is there. Thanks for all of the input!

I’m late to the game with this. So here’s the deal.

I’ve updated my 360 version of the game and still don’t have the option to export.

I’ve loaded 360 version of BL1 on my xbox one and tried to update it that way. There’s no update(s) available

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game numerous times, still no export option

Is there anyone still having this issue? I have 3 max level characters i really want in the remaster and not knowing why I can’t import them is driving me up a wall. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Ty

It may sound odd, but are you logged into XBL?

My above comment shows why I had similar problems, if on PS3, and how I fixed it.

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Yes I can log both consoles into XBL with the same GT.

Also signed into SHIFT on both accounts? (I don’t think that should matter, but you never know)

When I get home tonight, I’ll check my versions on 360 and b/c xb1 and see if I can spot anything odd there.

I should be signed into shift on my 360, I was able to use golden keys on my 360 version of BL2 and I was able to transfer all my characters from 360 BL2 to the handsome collection on the one. To make sure how would I go about checking if I’m logged into shift on my 360?

Good question - come to think of it, I don’t think you can sign in to shift on the original game on any platform, only the remaster. I’ll be on in about 5 or 6 hours time - I’ll poke around both my systems.

Meanwhile, you may want to go into your Games and Apps on the XB1 and see if you have an extra copy of BL1 lurking there - like a free trial version instead of the regular licenced backwards compatible one.

Thank you. And I’ll look into that. And just to go off of what you said, would having the bc version of BL1 installed on the one cause this problem?

I may have found my problem. I’m looking at the BL1 stored data on my 360. All I have is my 4 characters saved data, the 4 DLC packs, but there’s no saved data for any kind of update. Now this doesn’t make any sense to me since the game had to update when I started it up the first time I attempted this. Anyone know how to manually force a game to update on the 360?

Off the top of my head, no. In theory it should check at start up every time. I’ll remember to check that as well when I get on tonight.

Edit: Later that same day…

Borderlands b/c version on XB1 is reporting version 19.117.1020.1812 with a size of 8.5 GB. Mine is the result of installing from an original 360 GOTY version. The “Export Character” item is sitting between “System Link” and “Downloadable Content” in the Main Menu.

When I fire that up on my old 360, I likewise do NOT see the “Export Character” option. To make matters worse, when I exited to home from the game my 360 hung and I had to reboot it. There’s no update listed in the BL1 folder on the hard drive (I seem to recall they were in the System Cache folder?)

You could try clearing the system cache and restarting the 360 to see if it forces a download there?

Alright thank you for the info, you truly are a community badass!!! I will check which update I have on my xbox one after work today. As for my b/c version I’m using the original base 360 game not the 360 goty version. Something of interest about my b/c version, besides the “import character” option missing from the menu, the “downloadable content” option is also missing. I’m not very tech savvy but I’ll look to clear the system cache on my xb1 and see if that works. Again thank you for the help

So I cleared my xb1 cache. I also checked and I’m currently running the same version of b/c BL1 as you. Loaded the game. Still no export character option. I’m all out of ideas at this point. Anyone got any other ideas?

Are you seeing the “Pre-order BL3” menu item and art sliding in on the main menu screen? Also, what region are you in?

I know some folks have had what appear to be DRM issues running the b/c version and getting access to all the DLC, so the other question would be are all those available to your characters in-game or not?