Borderlands Fan Art

Don’t Know where to put this but i recently made art for borderlands using technology obviously however i want a decent critic to tell me if my art is good or bad or both. Just looking for some input here regarding this art. And i wanna thank all the people who tell me the truth obviously criticque as you well. edit:


Well, ‘Gods’ doesn’t need that apostrophe.

Gods= plural, multiple gods.
God’s= possessive, belonging to a god.


‘Gods’ also is a male reference, and what you have there are Goddesses (well, Sirens to be precise).


The white line on the side of the picture is a bit off-putting as well. Also, put your signature in one of the corners so it isn’t over the subject of the picture.


Is OP even allowed to do that, when using Gearbox copyrighted characters?

To OP: I love it! The others covered all the critical points. Though it is odd to see Steele smiling… And Lilith’s hand and face seems a bit off to me

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You’re allowed to make art of whatever you want, same as making youtube videos. As long as you’re not claiming the content as your own creation.

Thats what I meant, putting a signature on it, wouldnt that count as claiming it to be their own creation?

Can you guys focus on judging the art please instead of talking about copyright.

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Angel’s left arm seems deformed, or just not done very well. I suppose that was due to technology? And putting her hand on Lilith’s head seems a bit demeaning.


Maya’s still the prettiest. Anyway, I agree with the points raised by the others. This is good, but I think it could be better.


True. Even taboo in some places.

When i help my son change and get dressed, he’s now so tall that he puts his hand on my head to keep balance when putting on shorts or pants. I’ve been trying to teach him not to put his hand on my head. teaching him manners. But, he hasn’t stopped yet. lol



Backseat moderating -of any kind- breaches the forum rules. Please read them.

Or I break out the the cute animal pics.

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I like the image. The only things I find off-putting, and that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad, are a) Steele’s smile, b) Angel’s hand on Lilith’s head, c) the expression on Lilith’s face, and d) the misplaced apostrophe. The gender issue with the word “god” doesn’t bother me, although goddesses would technically be more accurate. Past that I think it looks good. Certainly better than anything I could cobble together. :+1:

@Jefe Would you be surprised to know that the whole “don’t touch the head” thing was explained to me by a flight attendant on Cathay Pacific on my first flight over there in 2005? Apparently it was something farang did often enough to warrant a disclaimer. But really, who does that anyway to anyone not an adorable child with whom you are familiar?


They all have the same smile is what I noticed first. I feel all you need to do is break away from the original image and alter it to reflect your own personal vibe you get from the characters. Art is never wrong if it reflects what you feel because feelings are never wrong or right they just kinda “are”.