Borderlands Fanfic collection By Montayva, Generick64, and The Handsome One (AKA THO)

Hello ladies and gents. Back in the old days of the original Gearbox forum site, Montayva, Generick64, and your’s truly, wrote three fanfics on Borderlands and made a cool story line out of it. I know some of the really old forumers probably read these ( @Kitty_Jo ) already but some of the newer fellas might enjoy it. Read Monty’s first to get an idea of this world, then Erick’s, and finally mine. Also, a side note, these were written before Krieg’s release so don’t expect seeing much of the big old Psycho.


Thank you for this post. I don’t see anything more recent regarding fanfic, so I’ll just post the general like to Borderlands Fanfic:

And yeah, I may have written some (no they are not finished)

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