Borderlands freezing up, pretty frequently since patch

I have been playing since release on steam and a while back the game stopped responding (freeze mid fire and the firing sound playing on repeat forever very loudly) every now and then until I exit the game through the task manager. I have googled a fair bit on this problem and all I can find is play on DX11 and put your settings to a minimum (both of which I already do). It seemed to go away after I replaced a faulty HDD that had some bad sectors but now with the new patch it’s back.

My CPU is not the best, it’s a Core i5-7400 and my gfx is a Nvidia GTX 1060 6gb, and I have 16gb of ram. I have a friend who plays this game successfully at a slighly worse setup - his load times are terrible but atleast the game doesn’t freeze.

I have tried turning off my shader cache in my nvidia graphics panel and my drivers are entirely up to date, but other than that I have no idea where to start.

Oh, and usually when I have these problems I head to the windows administrative logs but there’s nothing there. There used to be back when it was crashing the first time but somehow all those logs got deleted and I have no idea why.

I don’t know if this is related to the cryo bug but it might be.


Change your mayhem modifiers so you do NOT have mob menality.

elemental explosions, specifically cryo explosions will cause this.

Before, when this happened, I used to play on Mayhem 10 and that was the only time these freezes happened. But the last two times I was playing on Mayhem 1 with only lootsplosion.

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i had that issue sometimes when i was playing it too

+1 happens every 30 minutes to an hour for me since patch. GTX1060 6gb

I use mob mentality on Mayhem 10. Really like my rolls right now so a bummer to have to change them.

Happens especially with double homing rockets in Iron Bear.