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With the growing popularity of battle royale games, I just think that the Borderlands universe would be a really good one to use. Be good to make a stand alone game with this and multiplayer. Maybe make it online and offline too up to 4 players split-screen with so many bots. Be fun using differemt enemy types and weapons and since the weapons are creative and random in the regular Borderlands game this would be perfect! Instead of armor, they will be level 1-3 shields, no need for helmets really since shields can regenerate. But could at powerups and anything elee you could think of to make it even more fun. I think with the graphics being cartoon themed and stuff you could probably make up to 150 online players, and shoot for insane numbers offline maybe even 1000 in total (being the 4 players in splitscreen and bot enemies), and could easily put up to 15-20 bots in a Multiplayer setting with game modes like free-for-all, team deathmatch and so on. But too qould be fun creating a class like you could give us the option to create our very own guns, like attachments ammo types, and so on!. Would be a really fun game for sure and so many people would love to play more couch co-op multiplayer games like this, and an offline borderlands style Battle Royale game would be so much fun! Could use big maps from areas from the actual Borderlands/Borderlands 2 locations. Anyway this would be a really fun game for sure.

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I know that there are some Borderlands players who miss the versus arenas from the original, but we’ve now had two titles since with little more than duelling. I’ve got to agree with @Gulfwulf’s terse reply - Borderlands doesn’t need a Battle Royale mode. It doesn’t really fit with the overall tone of the game, so it would be little more than jumping on the bandwagon extremely late in the day. If GBX wanted to engage in larger PvP modes, they have Battleborn to use as a basis (which would make more sense); to differentiate from the mass hordes of “me too” titles, though, I think the Project 1v1 might have more promise.

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My reply was a bit terse, but you basically pointed out what I would have said anyway. BL doesn’t really lend itself to the BR style of play and I think it would just come off as more of an afterthought than core gameplay. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it fits.

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I could totally see how BR in the BL could work, But and this is a big one I feel, How would the leveling system go we can’t have lvl10 vs Lvl 50 , do you just make all players in the BR same lvl with no perks? I don’t know the more I wright this the more red flags and brick walls I’m seeing.

I feel it could be a really fun concept and it is a good idea but I don’t think it could work with the main game. So for that I vote NO.