Borderlands GO (not sure were to post this lol)

Greetings bandits humans! Due to boredom.exe taking up all my processing power, I have constructed a new game for the ECHOnet for all those wannabe vaunt hunters that are inept at hunting said vaults in real life.


What do you mean I stole ideas off another ECHOnet app? evil glare


I SHALL … deactivated capslock.exe I must be professional when explaining my beautiful creation and not intimidate my potential customers… urge to intimidate so strong… must. be. professional.

I HAVE DRAWnnnn a not very accurate representation of what you would see in the app, as it is very difficult to construct accurate lines when the drawing tablet interfacing device is crudely taped to your not very dexterous front leg.

FEAR THE HORRIBLY DRAWN REPRESENTATION OF MY SUPERIOR ECHONET APPLICATIONS MAIN INTERFACE The stick human is your current location detected by Hyperions not-spying-on-you satalites and a rough representation off all the roadways in your approximate location. The red box things are NPCs. They do have proper symbols to represent which NPC you can start discourse with, but… drawing tablet interfacing device crudely taped to your not very dexterous front leg.

SO HOWwww do you pretend to be an all mighty vault hunter? Well, you use those two things called legs, and walk around, gathering items while fending off attacks from bandits, skags, and whatever else Pandora throws at you. Red circles on the map are bad things that want to murderize you. If your location proximity overlaps the enemies location proximity, you will be attacked!

At the inferior level of 1, you only have a small assortment of weaponry, like the Dahl Basic Repeater, to defend yourself with. So use those fingers of yours to aim your stupid Dahl gun at the stupid skag you just walked into.

The bottom left is your hit points, shield bar that is currently useless because you have not acquired said shield, and other info that will be added when you acquire more objects.

It is an inferior leveled skag vs an inferior manufactured gun. So use your finger digit to move the cross-hair over the skag, and then tap the screen to fire.

The Dahl weapon is less inferior then the skag. The skag is murderized. For being not as inferior, you gain experience to become less inferior. The skag may also drop ammo and weapon parts.

Weapon parts you say? Yes, weapon parts, so your not stuck with that Dahl piece of crap for the rest of your pitiful mortal existence of the game! You can find parts off dropped enemies OR find them on your leg powered journey!

Oh look! You found a green location in proximity! Walk towards it and tap it.

A DAHL Dumpster appears in-front of you, how convenient! Manipulate the objects inside with those convenient human fingers of your and see if you can find some convenient objects. You could find gun parts, health vials, a hungry scythid that you will have to remove with brute force before it bites your lovely human face off!

Keep hunting for green locations to acquire a stock of gun parts, so you may construct more superior weaponry. How do you construct said superior weaponry? I can show you when I am able to re-tape the tablet interfacing device to my not very dexterous front leg!

Stupid humans and their stupidly superior object manipulating hands


Only time I wont mind weapon crafting in a BL game.

Excelletn idea.

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I’d never go home again. I’d be a vagrant.

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Two questions:

Dahl or Duhl?
Are you executing execution.exe?

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Why would things that isn’t this exist, if this existed?


Answer 1: It is properly DAHL, but I was having difficulty fabricating the letter A at that time.
Answer 2: It’s very hard to hold that .exe back at times, but for the sake of professionalism, MUST.RESTRAIN.MYSELF.

Er… Um… Arrrggg… GAAHAAH AAAAAAAA-1930E2-59-40795-30=2-3=210`=-5940-960597 ERRORING SO HARD RIGHT NOW. WHY YOU DO THIS-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S

KrewlraiN has stopped responding


Looks like i have to bring the user manual

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It made my brain explode, until I read it in german grammar. Kudos!

@KrewlraiN hope your processor is alright.

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boots back up

I LIVE AGAIN. FEAR ME. I mean I’M ALRIGHT! What happened again?

As for printers, that happened one time at the Hyperion Exploitation Preserve when a printer fell into a barrel of slag. FUN TIMES, but only 2 deaths occurred… Inefficient!