Borderlands GOTY 75 Golden Keys

I didn’t receive my 75 free golden keys for Borderlands GOTY for Xbox one, how can I get them. I have the Handsome Collection so I believe this was a loyalty bonus?

As long as you are signing into Borderlands GOTY with the same SHIFT account you used to play any of the Borderlands, you should see the key total when standing in front of the golden chest in Fyrestone. I thought the same thing because when I checked my shift account in the extras section of Borderlands GOTY, it just mentioned about being loyal but didn’t tell me straight out that I received 75 keys until I actually checked the balance next to the golden chest.

I thought the same thing, but when in front of the chest in Fyrestone it says 0 keys. Thanks for the reply.

I had to delete my shift account and make a new one to get my loyalty bonus for remaster, which was weird to say the least because I had played the PS3 titles and the handsome collection with that same shift account linked to my PSN account

I know this isn’t an option for most people but this is the only way I have figured it out. Hopefully it gets fixed soon as this is causing a lot of frustration for people.

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I hear that. I didn’t have any problem with mine so the way you had to work around it was definitely weird. At least you got your keys though.

I deleted my Shift account then started a new one, logged into my Handsome Collection with my new login, then logged into my GOTY and received my 75 keys. Thanks for letting me know your solution, while it’s not ideal, it did work!

Glad it worked out for you. Definitely not ideal but at least there is a workaround at the moment to get the loyalty bonuses until this is fixed, which hopefully is soon