Borderlands GOTY Class Mod Bug

Playing on Xbox One with a Siren, tried two class mods and neither properly raised the skills that are on the mods. Yes, I did have points in those skills, even had a couple maxed out.

Edit: Also, this is a brand new toon, not one I imported.

Do you mean there was no effect at all? Or that the skill didn’t get highlighted.

If it’s the latter that’s just how Borderlands 1 is. The skill tree doesn’t show the com boosts.

Oh, I guess I’m just used to BL2 showing the buff since I hadn’t played BL1 for years. I really didn’t test it to see if it was applied, but I am guessing it is working as intended if that is the case. Thank you for pointing that out to me!

I’ve actually tested it. It does not apply. I’ve tried a few mods with my soldier and its not applying the skills mods. I have a mods with impact and overload and my damage is not increased and my mag size is not increasd.