Borderlands GOTY edition

Is the enhanced version worth it to download AGAIN? :scream::sob:

Yes, of course. Replayed it after 2 years and had lots of fun!


I have played the original Borderlands at least once completely on Xbox 360 and once on PC (both playthroughs) and I can say I’m enjoying revisiting this wonderful game a third time. It looks and plays just like I remember, meaning it must be a little bit better than it used to. Most of the time I go back and play older titles I’m usually at least a little disappointed at how bad they look and how terrible they control.It ends up not being the experience I remember. For a near ten year old title it looks and controls pretty darned well. There are still some parts that feel a bit grindy, and I still get frustrated with trying to find good gear, the same as it was the first time I played it. But the story is still solid, the humor is still funny, it’s still a very solid game.

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Moved to general discussion. To OP: there are some tweaks added in the remaster that improve QoL such as auto-pickup of cash, health, and ammo. Plus on PC you get the upgraded 4K textures. If you enjoyed the game before and want to play again, it’s worth a look.

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I think xbox one X has 4k also

Yes, it does - and the PS4 Pro.

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Yes, I am playing it in 4K on Xbox One. There is some screen tear at times. But man, it’s gorgeous. It looks rather similar to running the game at max settings, except, pretty smooth. Far nicer than it ever looked on the console previously.

Crazy question but did they completely block item duping on the GotY edition? I wanted to use the same gun I had on two different characters without bothering with doing split screen every time I switched but whenever I tried it would never work.

We discussed this a lot when it first came out, I can’t find the thread, but;

Yes it is absolutely worth it. I admittedly didn’t play the first BL very much way back when because there were a number of gameplay issues that I was not comfortable with.

The remaster fixed all of them, added beautiful new graphics, and made enhancements like;

  • Minimap, which I find invaluable
  • Auto pick up of ammo health, and cash, which makes some combat a lot less stressful
  • Much smoother player movement and aiming
  • I can consistently crit!

And so on. Very well worth it.