Borderlands GOTY Enhanced framedrop when "Instant replay" switched off

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I see a weird behavior regarding the Video capture function of Geforce Experience in my BL Enhanced.
When the “Instant replay” is switched off, then I get about 30-35 FPS when the “item card” is displayed for items that lie on the ground.
As soon I switch it on, the FPS goes up to 60 ( I have a 60FPS cap set). The same applies, when I start capture with GF Experience the framedrop goes away.
I’ve uploaded a video there, which shows what happens.

In the video I switch “instant replay” on at 00:07 and then switch it off. Then I switch it on again at 00:21.

Does anyone else has this problem?
Could this be a bug in BL GOTY Enhanced or in GF Experience?


I’m getting framerate drops while in the Lost Cave.

Intel i7 8700k
32gb ddr4 ram
Zotac RTX 2080

I’m not using any kind of video capture, but I do get framerate drops when I look at item cards for gear (and mission items like TK’s food.)

Edit: I think I may have found a fix for the item card framerate drop thing. I had my framerate locked to 60 as well. I changed it to unlimited and went to the Nvidia control panel, went to custom settings for the Borderlands GOTY exe, and set vsync to Adaptive instead of just ‘on’ (I always have vsync set to off in the game itself, preferring to use the nvidia control panel to control vsync.) That seems to have taken care of it. Maybe try experimenting with vsync settings to see if that clears things up.

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Now I’m getting framerate issues leaving the cave. Something else I noticed. I don’t have the fps in the top right corner like I do in all my other games.

I’ve restarted the game and that seemed to have fixed it. For now at least.

Thanks for the advise. I’ve forced the game to have “Adaptive vsync” and that framedrop at the item cards seems to have been gone. There is still a litle as it drops from 60 to 50-58, but it’s something I can live with. Important is, it is not 30 as shown in the video :slight_smile:

The specs I use are also not the most modern as I run the game with an I5-2500K with stock clock with 8GB ram and a GTX 1070.

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Yeah I still get the tiniest little framerate drop, but it’s barely noticeable now. Before I was pretty much going from 60 fps down to 30 when an item card popped up too.

I hope there’s a patch in the works. It’s become evident from all the posts I’m seeing here in various threads that this game is pretty cranky with video settings! :smiley: