Borderlands GOTY Enhanced Game Save Dissappeared

Well this isn’t good. I just got time to play some and loaded the game. And the Lilith I made yesterday is gone. Not a totally big thing for me but figured I would warn that it did happen. I only got to the quest to Kill Nine Toes before I stopped yesterday.

I don’t know why it didn’t save. I even spent time around a save point while I cooked some food so it had a good like 3 or more minutes just sitting there before I turned the game off.

Hmm checked my documents folder for saves and I only have my saves from the original Borderlands in there so it didn’t do some kinda funky cross save and the other folder for Borderlands doesn’t have any save data in it.

Steam does have the achievements unlocked that I did yesterday but not the save.

Well I just had time to try playing again. I did the same thing as last save. Played Lilith. Played till I got to Nine Toes Quest. Saved the game by choosing Exit instead of quit to desktop the save Icon came up in the top left side of the screen and then choose to quit to desktop from main menu. And nope no save. Game isn’t saving for me at all.

Here’s hoping that somebody can eventually help me to fix this.

Playing through Steam. Windows 10. Also have a DXDiag but can’t find where to upload.