Borderlands GOTY Enhanced. Game stuck

I just start play in Enhanced version. Start new char and…game stuck everytime when i kill one bandit in Firestone - Bandit Thug - show on screenshot. Game stucked, but music continue.

I already check files via Steam, reinstall game, delete folder in “My documents”, reinstall videodriver…Nothing helps.
Win10x64, 8Gb RAM, 1050ti. (with ~max video settings ~120-130fps in game)

Help me, please. :cry: :cry: :cry:

Upd. New info. So sorry, but i try play in…hm…repack version of GOTY Enhanced. Play without Steam and…all is good. I copy-paste Steam-emu files from repack into Steam folder of BL GOTY Enhanced, exit from Steam and disable internet connection. Run this game direct from .exe on SteamLibrary folder and…its worked. No stuck. Yes, with steam-emu files.
Whatta rakk is this? :anguished: