[Borderlands GOTY Enhanced] How do I force the game to run with my AMD RX 480?

On the launcher settings I see this:

I’ve already tried to:

  • Run the game as administrator
  • Add both the Launcher.exe and BorderlandsGOTY.exe to windows 10 Settings > Graphics Settings > Graphics performance preference and set them to high performance

Windows 10 x64 PRO, 1809
Latest AMD drivers 19.4.1

Never mind, I disabled the intel adapter in the device manager, tested again and while the launch settings still say “Selected GPU - Intel…” when I open the game and check the Task Manager > Performance tab I can see that the game is actually running on my AMD card, it’s just not using it very well.

Disabling Dynamic Shadows(?) + Enabling V-Sync made the game run a lot better. ~50~60+ fps (still not perfect)

Moved you to the right spot. Hopefully some of the other threads here will be helpful, or one of the other AMD users can give some pointers.