Borderlands GOTY Enhanced not using GPU (SOLVED)

So I’m trying to play BL1GOTY Enhanced, and even on the lowest possible settings, I’m getting really bad framerates (sub 30). It seems like the game is using my CPU and not my GPU. I’m certain I can run the game cause I have a GTX 1060, and the launcher even selects my GPU when I mess with the settings.

I checked my CPU/GPU usage on both games, and the normal game (BL1 GOTY) IS using my GPU, whereas BL1 GOTY Enhanced seems to be using just my CPU (GPU says 0% used)

How do I fix this lmao?

Nevermind, if anyone else is having this problem, here is the solution:

Go into your Nvidia Control Panel, and change your preferred graphics processor to your dedicated GPU.

In my case, my Nvidia Control Panel wasn’t showing up, so I did “Windows + R”, typed “control”, and then changed view to “large icons”. This allowed me to open the Nvidia Control Panel and change to defaulting to my GPU.