Borderlands GOTY ENHANCED poor FPS

Even to this day , still having problems with Borderlands : GOTY Enhanced edition , with poor fps rates , even at the menu screen . I’ve tried looking for fixes , but all those simple fixes require bringing up NVIDIA control panel , which is now non-existent due to an update bug to Windows 10 . Anyone know any alternate fixes step by step ? Using a NVIDIA Geforce GTX in a typical laptop manufactured very recently . If you need the specs , I’m not sure I understand them …

Usually you can get the necessary drivers etc. from the manufacturer’s site - is that not possible here?

Currently Using NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti , I’m pretty sure THAT is more than enough for running the heavy stuff . I’ve heard that in some cases , the game ends up running on the main graphics card , in my case , It’s an Intel UHD 630 … Is this a factor ?

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Possibly. The GTX series cards (more so the 1070/1080 and the 2xxx equivalents) seem to have issues with the BL games - especially the 4k/UHD versions - for some reason. I’ve seen numerous fixes, including running in full-screen windowed rather than windowless, and setting the card to max resolution rather than native. Another potential fix I saw was setting the number of pre-rendered frames to 3 rather than auto.

As far as whether the game is running on the card or built-in - there should some where be an option to explicitly set that. I’ve seen at least one person have the checkbox for it giving a false indication so they toggled it between states and that fixed it.

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Yes!!! I had like this exact same problem running BL1 GOTY Enhanced on my laptop which has a 1050 Ti. The game ran so badly and I was so confused but it turned out my laptop was trying to run it with the intel graphics and not actually using the 1050 Ti. I poked around and found some way to fix it eventually and now the game runs great. It was a while ago so I forget the steps I used but googling “borderlands enhanced not using gpu” brings up a lot of people talking about what they did to fix it. It looks like you might need the NVIDIA control panel? I just googled “NVIDIA control panel missing” and it looks like there are ways to fix that too.

Tweaked with the settings as you said , it’s actually playable now ! Still a little juttery , but it’s better than nothing ! Thanks !

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It seems like Recent GTX drivers have COMPLETELY thrown control panel out the window , can’t find the files I need to fix the missing Control panel , it’s most likely NVIDIA’s fault , or Windows , or both . Optimizing is a close second to completely fixing everything tho .

There’s a few other settings you can try playing with: Ambient Occlusion is one, since it places a high load on the graphics pipeline during particle effects like Gaige’s IO digisplosion.

Understood . But Gaige from BL2 ? I don’t have any issues with 2 however … Just 1 , maybe it’s just being such an old build getting a heavy visual update .

Just an example. Anything that triggers a large, dense particle cloud could do the same thing.

Just a heads-up that nVidia is releasing a new driver version:

More here:

There’s at least one additional setting option.

Final Update . For some odd reason , I tried re-downloading control panel from the Microsoft app store . Had to log in to my account , the store said I already have control panel , and surely enough , when I checked , Control panel was back ! So all I had to do was log into Microsoft store … This doesn’t make sense !