Borderlands GOTY Enhanced - Reconstruction fee: $-2147483392

I died, the reconstruction fee was listed at $-2147483392, and now I have $0. I’m guessing this happens when you have the maximum amount of cash. Has anyone else encountered this? Is there any way to fix or prevent this from happening other than not selling anything once I’ve got $9,999,999?

First time I’ve seen that ever. The reconstruction fee is supposed to be a % of your current cash, so normally you’d never go negative. I’d file that as a bug report.

Afaik, it is related to the overflow bug in the original game where your money goes uncapped; going over a certain value, and having to respawn will cost you all of it.

The question is if you can buy anything from shops now, with money amount having reached breaking point.

I’ve already sold a bunch of stuff for money, but I’m farming Crawmerax right now, so it shouldn’t take me too long to get it to happen again. Then I can test it.