Borderlands GOTY Glitched

When is the next patch for TGOY Edition Cannot turnin at Fyrestone after getting shield. Glitched Ned Is Gone only a table with a body

How far were you through the main story when that happened? Because there was the infamous ‘Keep Your Insides Inside’ zombie quest glitch in the original game.

Im on pt2 and have both missions fix’er upper and keep your insides inside. I can’t hand either in :pensive:

Is this on the original or remaster? Either way, you should be able to clear them by joining the game of someone who has yet to complete those missions. The biggest problem may be finding someone on the original game, as a lot of folks have migrated pretty rapidly to the remaster (or only have very high level characters who are well past those quests.)

Still, you could try posting in the On-Line play section - worth a shot.

It is on remastered have tried to join people but yea it’s difficult… Keep joining the same guy.

Rather than trying to find a random match, try posting in the On-Line play section for XBox and see if you can arrange something specific. Make sure to include which play-through and that it’s the remaster on XB1 (not the original on 360)!

I gave up trying everyone has the same problem doing the same thing… BL2 it is then.