Borderlands GOTY Ps4 lost keys

Hello. I’ve been playing the new Borderland GOTY edition, and received my 75 golden keys. I had used about 15 of them during gameplay. Shut it off for the day, and when I logged back in the next day, it asked me to resign the user agreement before I could start. No big deal, but when I finally logged on, all my keys where gone. Put in a couple of other shift codes, getting another 10 keys. It has done the same thing again, and I’ve lost all my keys. What do I do?

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Sorry can’t help you but. Just to be clear.
You meant re-sign right? As in “signing again”.
And not resign as in resigning your user agreement?

Hey, I actually have the same issue but along with my lost golden keys…my weapons are showing lower level requirement in my own game compared to when I joined a friend’s game. When I join a friend’s game the weapons show the proper level requirement until I go into my own game(damage of weapons remain the same). I have put in a ticket to Gearbox about the issue. I just wanted to give you a heads up that you aren’t the only one with this issue.

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For the weapons showing a lower level requirement, what is your weapon proficiency in that type? The higher your AR proficiency (for example) the lower the displayed level of any AR you equip.

I really don’t think that is the case. For example I had acquired my Baha Blaster Shotgun for level 41. It was showing fine in my game before and now also my friend’s game. But after having to re-accept the user agreement my Baha Blaster is showing required level 37. Damage remains the same. Kind of confusing, but here for example is my shotgun proficiency: 17. SMG proficiency is 20, my wild cat shows level requirement: 40. When in my friend’s game it was level requirement 45.

I’m not sure if something screwed up within my game when I loaded and had to re-accept the user agreement or not. I know it had to locate and load back up my Siren character (which hasn’t had to do that before). It seems the only weapons effected were my equipped weapons(or all items in equipped). Everything else in my backpack seems to be the proper level I originally had them at.

I remember seeing one other report of items suddenly changing level, but that’s it. Were these on an imported save, or a new character?

My level 50 Siren was not imported. I no longer have access to my PS3 to import. So I originally started fresh when GOTY came to PS4. This kind of happened out of nowhere. The game was fine the previous day and then I went on yesterday night and it happened.

It is very odd. Hopefully, support will be able to help you with the keys at least. The weapons - I don’t know. I’m assuming it’s something in the way the game is coded where it re-evaluated the weapon parts and recalculated the level. Why it would come out different, I have no idea. Then again, certain items don’t import properly depending on the parts they have, and new legendaries were introduced into the game, so clearly the remaster includes at least some changes to the weapon system.

Yeah, I think I’m more worried about my lost keys if anything. I mean if the stats remain the same on the weapons(damage, accuracy, etc) then I can’t really complain. Hopefully we can get our keys back soon.

I have had the same thing happen to me, everything was fine till I closed the game turned ps4 off, loaded back in n all my keyes have gone, I had about 65ish. Used some had added some from codes but now I have none, glad I am not the only one

Yup, exactly the same thing happened to me last night.

I have the same issue on PS4. I have lost what was left of the original 75 keys plus the 20 keys given to us from the first 4 Shift Codes available so far. The last Shift Code I put in registered okay as 5 keys but the next day when I went to play the keys had disappeared like the rest & I now have “0” keys. I have double & triple checked & I am signed in to Gearbox as well.

Same thing happened to me. I had 75ish keys started game and it asked me to resign agreement. After I started game I checked chest and no keys.

I put in a request with Gearbox. They did not explain what happened, but did replace the keys. Hopefully they stay this time.

I lost all my golden keys about a week ago(same thing with the user agreement), my weapon level requirements started changing a couple days ago(or that’s when I noticed anyway, bought a Lv 40 Defiler from a vending machine and in my inventory it dropped to Lv 34), my main menu started getting laggy a couple days ago, and now twice in a row I logged back in to discover one of my equipped weapons are gone(coincidentally both were from the Jakob’s vending machine in the Dr. Ned DLC, the 2nd time it was a really good blue rarity sniper rifle that I had just spent over 850k on before saving and quitting my previous session). . . I’m kinda afraid to play the game again now, fearing it will keep randomly deleting my guns.

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I sent a message to Gearbox. The replaced the keys really quick, and I haven’t had anymore problems since.

I bought the game after the free weekend.

And yup, exactly the same thing happened to me just now (re-agree the agreement thing and then lost all my remaining keys).

I even tried to start a new character just to see, there are the 2 bonus Legendary weapons, but no Gold Key.

I have lost all my golden keys as well. Also having issues with weapons changing level. How do I contact Gearbox to get them replaced?

Yup. Lost all mine as well. I’ve been waiting on a reply for over a week now. If you’d like to submit, follow the link and fill out the prompts.

As far as your weapons losing level… I want you to try something for me. Unequip one of the weapon types you use the most, and the find it in your backpack. Is it a higher level? Equip it and then inspect the level again. If it lowers a bit, it’s because of your weapon proficiency. If this is the case, there’s nothing wrong. Just a small bug, doesn’t effect the actual stats on your weapon at all.

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i submitted a support ticket a while ago. never did get the 65 keys.
that i lost, oh well.
i hope it doesn’t happen in bl3.
take it easy and god bless you all.