Borderlands GOTY Remastered overheating XBox One X

Hello all,
Has anyone had an issue with their XBox One X overheating while playing Borderlands Remastered GOTY??? The XBox One X does not overheat on any other games. only Borderlands GOTY Remastered. it seems to happen then there are a lot of the spider ant thingys on the screen and on the Dr. Neds zombie island dlc when there are a lot of zombies on the screen.
Once again it does not happen on any other game. only Borderlands GOTY Remastered.


This is the remastered version or the original GOTY? I haven’t noticed anything, and I’ve run through quite a few parts of Zombie Island with both Lilith and Roland on XB1. I’ll give a Spiderant-infested area a try.

So sorry. I thought i stated the remastered version. thanks for the heads up!

again, its the remastered version.

No problem - just one thread though, OK?

I just ran through parts of Rust Commons with spiderant spawns, and mine did get hotter while a bunch were spawned, but not hot enough to overheat. However, I didn’t get too many elemental spawns in that bunch, which would almost certainly make a difference (more graphics fx processing!). I’ll keep an eye on it.

Is yours an original XBox 1 btw?

Xbox One X. I also edited the post to reflect this.

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IIUC you’re getting the higher resolution textures in that version? Even on the XB1, the particle effects are a big improvement on the previous backwards compatible version. At this point, I’d suggest (a) keeping an eye on how long it takes before you notice your console starting to get too hot and (b) see if anyone responds who’s also on XB1X. I don’t know if your version allows you to toggle any additional video or graphics options, but lowering your FOV might reduce the amount of visual processing required? (Hopefully doesn’t induce motion sickness…)

im having the exact same problem.

@leighsenior do you have the same issue with any other game?

I just finished the story, and I didn’t have that issue at all. At worst, there was a lot of screen tearing around the middle of the game, but it never overheated or crashed or anything.

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No issue at all with any other game. I’ve tested about 20 different games and also tested borderlands 2. Plus borderlands xbox 360 backwards compatible. Every game runs fine. The issue has to be goty edition for the xbox one x

I’m having the same problem. My Scorpio edition was not hot at all. I killed a Spiderant and the Xbox shut down! Bloody glitchy game :-1:

@Adrian are you using the 4K attributes on your xbox one hooked up to a 4K TV ?

Yes. 4K TV, would that actually make a difference though?
Wouldn’t 4K ‘attributes’ still be in the game just not visible if playing in 1080P?

My friend and I are having the same problem, we both have xbox one x and both of our xbox have crashed playing this game and not having problems playing any other game, the last couple of times it crashed there was varkids on the screen.

@altandrewcarrig are you using the 4K attributes on your xbox one hooked up to a 4K TV ?

No, were both on 720 on a non 4k tv

So if I could ask all you folks to submit a support ticket, including such details as the screen resolution etc., that would help towards identifying a cause and possible fix.


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It doesn’t matter what screen resolution I play on. I’ve tested it on 720p with the 4k content turned off and it still shuts down.

I have both an original Xbox One, on a standard HD 1080p tv, and an Xbox One X, on a 4k HDR tv.
I can play forever on the original Xbox One with no issues. Playing on the One X however and I get random shut downs with the ventilation error on start up.
It is well ventilated and doesnt feel hot to the touch, and it’s also been fairly cool weather here.
Biggest issues are with either spiderants or Dr Neds Zombies.
Strangely enough I’ve only had this issue SINCE the latest update (added Borderlands 3 pre-order to the main menus), but then I hadn’t started playing Dr Neds by that stage.

I have the same problem on Xbox One X with 4K resolution and HDR.