Borderlands GOTY, splitscreen inventory issues

My dad and I recently bought the game and the first thing we noticed when playing split screen is when one of us goes into our inventory the other can lock/junk each others stuff. For example he’ll pick up a gun and try to check it out in his inventory and I’ll be trying to melee some skags and it wont melee, only mess with his inventory. Please fix this. Other than that the game is bada$$!!

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Same. When someone is on the map, no one can use the Use Button (Square For Us) and like what mcmonkey14 said, when someone is on their inventory screen you cant melee, but it locks/unlocks the items. Also when in lobby, the game is so laggy for some reason. We have been playing this game since it came out for PC and PS3, and love it so much and still do. Hopefully these bugs get fixed so we can enjoy the game even more.