Borderlands GOTY weapon proficiency problems

My girlfriend and I are playing the GOTY edition and I am using eridian weapons exclusively while my girlfriend switches between eridian weapons and regular weapons. A few days ago she started out with her eridian weapon proficiency at around 10 and mine was at 14. We are both the same level with our characters. She is now at 29 and I just got to 28. Her weapon proficiency rocketed passed mine even though it shouldn’t have. How is that even possible? This problem needs to be fixed. I should still be several levels about hers.

IIRC the points that go into increasing your weapon proficiency are basically the XP from kills. That in turn depends on the difference between the enemy and character level. So - ignoring weapons proficiencies for a moment - what levels are each of your characters?

If she was playing a lower-level character, she would have been getting more XP per kill and therefore gaining proficiency faster.

I’d like to add one important info about getting XP from kill : the one who actually get the kill will have a bit more XP than all other players IG

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