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Idk where to put this but here it goes.

How do we acquire golden keys for the remaster in fyrestones chest. Searched all over but since it’s still new all I get is the BL2 shift codes and expired forum posts from 2014 or so. Any help is much appreciated.

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Join the Borderlands VIP

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Moved to the right spot.

In addition to the VIP program, you might want to check the web site.

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Appreciate the response. Figured it out. This post can be closed.


i had a question. Since starting a new game with either of the 4, i get 2 random legendary weapons. like with Mordi i got a 3x explosive pistol and a sniper. and when my friend started with Brick, he didnt get that. does he have to be part of the VIP stuff as well or is it something else?

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That’s part of the loyalty rewards. If your friend doesn’t qualify, they won’t get the extra weapons.