Borderlands GPS Voices?

I had a dream once where my GPS had a voice that sounded like one of the vault hunters.

Wouldn’t be cool if there was BL GPS voices?! :wink: :blgroup:


Oh my angel, yes! Id pay monies for (Borderlands 1) Mordecai to tell me where to go :3
Id drive around to pointless destinations for absolutely no reason.


Brick: 25 miles to go. Drive on, brotha.


Claptrap, Handsome Jack, Crazy Earl, Aurelia. I would pay for all of these.

“If you want to make it to the vault first, take the next exit on your right. And buy Marcus Munitions”

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“Hey kiddo, …man these preztels suck…, listen you should go straight for 10 miles on 95 and then take exit 3”

“wait for it… ok take the next right”

“I just bought a pony made of diamonds. Also, turn left”

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“Hello road based traveler, it will take 35 minutes to reach your destination.”

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“Watcha you want, chump!? Ok. Take this crap off my hands and maybe I’ll tell you where to go. Go. Get outta here. Ok, turn right when you can. That is the way.”

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-GPS determines a dramatic decrease in the ETA ie: speeding-
Brick enters Berserk mode, starts screaming and laughing maniacally


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I was trying to figure out how to incorporate his laugh/berserkity. good one!

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