Borderlands Handsome Collection Matchmaking Issues

Hi I posted a long post on here over a week ago…

I am hoping to get more information from players. If you are experiencing the issue where you cannot find anyone to play with using the matchmaking (no games found) I’m asking can you please comment when you bought the game (recently or from release date in March) and when you started experiencing this issue please as I have been in contact with 2K for months about this and nothing seems to be changing. It seems as though they have stopped replying to me since I mentioned I have family who work for the EA Legal team that I have spoken to about this, so need more information to take to the right parties in order to get this game working as they advertised.

I have experienced this issue since I bought the game in July but was wondering was this an issue from release?

I am also looking for anyone who plays often, add me gt is Stonedtrippy.

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@Stonedtrippy, totally fine to continue this converstion, but please do so in the existing thread. Thanks! :smile: