Borderlands handsome collection ps4

Ive just bout borderlands handsome collection and can not transfer old gen data to new gen seriously ehy would you have to have your ps3 still to transfer the data this is pathetic there will be a lot of people who solt there ps3 because they were buying a ps4 why in hell would you do it were you have to have the playstation 3 still not happy.

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Mine transferred just fine

How did you do it.

They were very clear you would need access to last Gen hardware and software before this game launched in order to do the transfer.

That’s what I hate I really didn’t do my research I assumed it would transfer cloud storage or something in that regard and when I bought my Hansom Edition I traded my BL2 and TPS in on it so of course I can’t transfer all 12 of my max level charecters it really ticked me off but I guess I should had checked how to do it before I traded them in.

If you still have your old system just go to GameStop And buy them both used. You have 7 days to return them no questions asked. That’s what I did for presequel. I’m bringing it back tomorrow.

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I went and talked to them and did just that. I knew I would have to I just didn’t want to at first because of where I live its a pretty good trip and I was feeling lazy lol but it’s all good now I’ve got all my vault hunters transferred and decided to keep the pre sequel since my daughter likes to play it from time to time but she’s not as dedicated as my son and I , but thanks for the info though.

well at least you can actually transfer your saves. i traded both my ps3/360 in for a ps4 a year ago an didnt even know the pre sequel was coming out or that would be out on ps4 later. i also had bl2 and bl1 on my 360 and not bl2 on my ps3 ( only own bl1 for ps3) so i have no choice but to loose all my saves an all my badass rank. i had over 1500 hours logged in bl2 an every character at 72 plus op levels.

im not too bothered about it. it gives me a reason to replay the game again and i never had a chance to even play the pre sequel so thats all new to me anyway. but at least you actually had the option to transfer your saves you jus had to take a lil trip an it took a bit longer. its virtually impossible for me to transfer them. well i suppose i could if i faffed about with save editors an stuff. it would have been awesome if like most other remastered games the saves could be transferred over regardless of what platform you were previously using. i mean i can load my existing saves into a save editor and change them from 360 to ps3 so i dont get why it was so hard for gearbox to figure out a way especially when other games can do it easily.

regardless of that tho im jus glad they re-released the pre sequel onto ps4/xbone an its a bonus it comes with bl2 an all the dlc etc. now i really hope they can do a proper remaster of the original borderlands an possibly add a bit more colour to it an stuff. id be happy to pay for full game price for a remake of bl1 that had a new colour pallet an was maybe built upon the bl2 engine.
then we can have the whole borderlands collection still available to play on my current system. hopefully in time for when bl3 is released.