Borderlands: Handsome Collection Question

So I just got the Handsome Collection last night for ps4 and I can’t figure out how to play Borderlands 2. When I start up the disc it only gives me the option to play the Pre-Sequel and nowhere in the game menu does it say anything about borderlands 2. Do I have to beat the pre-sequel in order to play borderlands 2? I feel like I’m missing something. Can somebody please help me out?

weird, I know the digital copy I downloaded to PS4 shows both games on start screen, PreSequel first and Borderlands 2 below it, don’t know if the physical disc is any different sorry

Hmm. I didn’t think to look below the Pre-sequel. You mean at the PSN home screen right?

just as soon as you start the game, it brings you to a blue background sky with just both those games on it, and a physo floating off to the right
theres also to commands at very bottom of screen, launch game and Navigate menu

Wait? What?? There is a start option on the main page for Pre Sequel?? I got no option at all just the game loading with a train explosion and Claptrap discovering me as a survivor

This is the screen that pops up when I turn on my PS4. I have the physical disc. When highlighting TPS, it’s all spacey. When highlighting BL2, it pans down from space to Pandora, as shown.