Borderlands Handsome Jack online options?

In the original borderlands you had the option to only complete story missions offline or when your hosting, so you could play online as long as you want, but take the story at your own pace when you play offline or host a game. They changed this in borderlands 2, which is why i stopped playing it. Is that option once again available? If so I’ll pick this up immediately. Thanks.

I am not sure I quite understand your question. Can you please clarify?

Do you want to play solo or in coop? If you want to coop with someone not on the couch or on the same LAN, then you have to be online. If you want to solo, you can play offline (though you will not have the hot fixes) and take it at your own pace.

What do you want to do exactly?

So when I first played Borderlands 2, I joined a friends game who was a few levels higher than me and after beating the story mission it affected MY story progress as well (the first main hub town disappeared if I remember correctly). This wasn’t the case in the orginal Borderlands or at least there was an option that I could complete story missions online with friends as much as I wanted, but it only completed in MY game if I either did it offline or hosted a game.

If you join a game and the person is ahead of you when you go back to your game it will put you back to where you were story wise. When you complete the story mission it will give you an option to skip parts you have already completed in other sessions. If you do not want to skip the story missions you did in another session just select no.

If you start a game with a friend from the start everything you do counts for both of you.

@rickyh241 is correct. They made story progression much more conducive for coop play starting in BL2 and continuing in BLTPS. You can progress with your buddies no matter where they are in the story and then when you come back solo, you only have to finish the parts that you did not complete while in coop.

It should be noted that in first playthrough and second playthough, the enemies are at a certain level based on story progression. In third playthough, the enemies scale according to player level and it is weighted for the highest level person in the group. So if you are significantly off in level, you may have a very hard (or very easy) time depending on the difference in levels with your coop team.