Borderlands handsomeJack loot Help PLZ

Hi everyone, I lost all my saves for borderlands xbox1 saves :’(

having to start all characters again, skins, heads and loot again. If anyone has any high ranking legendary weapons would be brilliant thanks!

(would love a Shredifier, farmed for ages finally got one and then lost it )

what level are you man

just started again on B2 now 43 siren, but if you got top level weapons ill save em till top rank.

on pre sequel im a 28 lawbreaker, but if you got top level weapons ill save them again untill i can use
Cheers :smiley:

i only have borderlands 2 weapons, i didn’t enjoy the pre-sequel enough to farm. Are you playing through at all today?

fair enough dude

Im online now and for a bit yeah, My GT is ShoesHaveSouls