Borderlands hard copy not recognised as game for DLC

the game in the PlayStation store is recognised as a completely different game from my hard copy of the game and will not recognise my hard copy for the new DLC commander lilth and the fight for sanctuary or the HD texture pack for PS4 Pro. Also I downloaded the PlayStation store version and it will not recognise any of my pass saves.
I’m trying to see if cross save will let me get my save over to the downloaded version so I can play the new DLC really don’t wana level a new character just to play the new content
anyone else has a problem like this

ok cross save works from getting the save file to the downloaded version.
well i hope this helps someone and gearbox if your reading please make a patch for people with this problem or if need be a free copy of the game they can download cause I had to buy it again to play the DLC I already bought for a game I already own IRL.

Your physical version is probably for different region than digital one. You can check product ID on the box and compare it to PSS version.