Borderlands HC: BL2 & TPS menus not loading

Hey I’m in Australia and picked up the Handsome Collection for my Xbox One yesterday (26th of March) and I believe I’ve gotten the patches and I’ve done cloud save on my 360 however ive loaded up both borderlands 2 and tps and have been on the title screen with “Reading Save Data: Please wait.” For the last hour. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Any fixes?

UPDATE: The “Reading Save Data: Please Wait…” prompt has disappeared but still stuck on title screen.

I dont really care about getting my old save seeing as I want to restart BL2 but I cant even get to off the title screen to the main menu.

I am having the same issue. I am from the USA and after i transferred my characters over to my Xbox one, for Borderlands 2, it now is stuck on “Reading save data Please wait…” Would love to play the game on my Xbox one.