Borderlands HC "Field of View"

Hey everyone. Anyone have a clue if this game will have a field of view bar option? If no, is it staying at 70 or higher?

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Hope we can increase it like PC gamers can


I really hope there’s a slider. I loved it in GTAV. I can see why PC gamers love having such control over FOV.

Did not see one in the options.

Is there anyway this could be added? Please?

I purchased 5 copies of the PS4 version of BHC so me, my wife, and our 3 kids could play together. But after playing it for the first time today, I noticed I almost immediately had a headache, then about an hour later nausea.

I have hundreds of hours logged in on the PC with all the Borderlands games, and never once have I had an issue with motion sickness. Actually, I have never experienced motion sickness at all except for when using an Oculus Rift.

So the only thing I can think is the problem is the FOV is much lower than the PC version. Since there is no PVP or actual competition, I don’t see why an FOV slider couldn’t be implemented. Even at the cost of a little performance. At least it would enable people to play without getting sick.

I am also finding myself unable to play the game for more than an hour or two before feeling sick/getting a headache.