Borderlands HC: Lost Badass Rank/Gold Keys/Skins Case #4602566

I contacted 2K Support 11 days ago with Case #4602566. The initial communication was good, but I have not heard from anyone since the case was created.

I lost Skins, approximately 171+/- Gold Keys, and Badass Rank/Bonus Status. This issue happened to me twice. The second time it happened, appears to be after I logged off a couple days ago. The game blinked and when I saved and quit while it was loading the home screen for character selection. Kind of odd though, it saved before it attempted to reload the home screen. If that is what actually caused it, perhaps an update to have the save and quit function take you to the game title screen instead could fix overall?

I have not played it since the second issue and need this fixed so I can enjoy the game once again. I would rather not start over from start again. I recently played through all the games and this is a true let down to lose everything again.

If you can help me, I would be greatly appreciative of your support.