Borderlands - Hotfixes [04/29/2021]

honestly sometimes after a patch its unplayable
after the last patch after more then 4 months my game is unplayable again.

cant do a single takedown without issues
moments after patch came out my framerate just died on me so i had like 3 frames per minute
eventually ( no changes to any options btw) it went back to normal framerate but i cant even get to the first boss of guardian takedown
maliwan takedown just froze on me 4 times

mind you that for 4 months i had NO issues whatsoever ( since m11)

this game is an unplayable mess,
one of the reasons i want a bl4 and this game to die miserably so i can have a bl game that isnt fking running like trash


My co-op buddies and I have also noticed a sudden increase in bluescreen crashes on ps4 during the last week or so. Past few months game was running well some occasional slowdown aside but nightly crashes are now common

Sadly BL3 has been this way since I day one purchased the Deluxe Sucker Beta Edition. However unlike yourself though as much as I would of looked forward to the next entry in the series other people can pay full price to test @GBX next product, lesson learned this time around.

If I need a BL fix I have the first three entries that I can still play that don’t crash my console and can also play split screen with better UI/performance and readable text.

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i already did say alot here
i wont purchase, the next bl title until all 4 dlcs ( that are surely to arrive ) arrived

at that point AFTER dlc 4 i will know the following things
did the game get a mayhem 2.0 treatment
did it get GOOD support
did the dlcs go down in quality and quantity content
did the game introduce good stuff with each dlc
does the game run without having 10 billion issues?

if any of these is like… naaaah
basically if that game is a bl3 disaster again i wait patiently until the game is on sale with a GOTY edition on disc with all content and pay 20 bucks.

this game spat in my face
and it keeps on giving

i mean i cant play it now since last patch as it is just crashing all day now.
i cant even get to the first takedown bosses without it crashing ( again i changed nothing in my options)
also, for some reason it feels as if they rebalanced maliwan takedown and it wasnt able to catch that in the hotfixes <.< like
my rhyna BEFORE that patch was tearing itself through that takedown and suddenly it doesnt do anything. most of my stuff infact feels very weak suddenly

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Can’t say I blame you in the least and needless to say you will be far from the only one that takes that approach. The money I saved by not purchasing the Season Pass 2 I put toward other companies games, Outriders and It Takes Two and couldn’t be happier I did.


Uhm no hotfixes today?

Still no Revenge of the Cartels today? No need for a big announcement following by a week’s worth of waiting… Just flip the switch on and we’ll take it from there :+1:.


CARTELS :fist_right: CARTELS :fist_right: CARTELS :fist_right: CARTELS :fist_right:


personally didnt rly care for the event as much as most others
still will say for the simple fact that they just re-use old content without any new anything exept a new colour on old stuff
weard how the events have so many issues still


10 bucks says they are delaying the release just to find a way to balance the OP.Q. System without making it useless

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if at all
the wedding invitation suffered greatly from m2.0 as itis now just a decent gun, not a GREAT gun
i could see them just doing nothing and the only issue is they dont know how to fix that one bug that wont give new rewards, like the other 3 events had as an issue so far

And the Yellowcake!

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Yep. I have been given both lv 65 ( not legit of course) and the Yellowcake is much more of a problem now that you made me note it xD

The O.P.Q System doesn’t need any changes, it’s fine as it is.

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I feel this way too, we have the monarch which is waaaay more powerful, but eh, you never know whats coming from Gbox


Not trying to be negative but…

LOL they have had a year + to figure out the potential issues with OPQ and yellowcake at level 65. Hope they have at least a wee bit of project planning running in advance for a reoccurring event.

And it’s not like they are averse to power creep or dropping then nerfing both weps mentioned.


they ran into the same loot destribution problem like what 2 times now?
valentines and halloween event rewards already didnt work, same issue

i assume you cant expect anything big here

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As a lv57 piece of gear on lv65 gameplay, maybe, but imagine a lv65 OPQ… That’s within Unkempt Halord + Bee Shield levels of power there! :sweat_smile:

I believe they will nerf if, but still has to live up to the OP part of it.

A level 57 M10 Krakatoa was at about 32k atk, a level 65 M10 Krakatoa with the same parts has about 65k atk. Assuming that the scaling is equal for every weapon a level 65 O.P.Q. System would have roughly twice the amount of atk as a level 57 one meaning about 12k x2 on the lower end and about 18k x2 on the upper end with a RoF of about 8-9 shots per second. That would put it roughly on the same level as the Hellshock in terms of atk and RoF which is still pretty good but not quite top tier so I don’t see a justification for a nerf here.


Sounds right and agree that a nerf is unnecessary given the weapons added and buffed since the Cartel event ended. Now the Needle Gun on the other hand…