Borderlands Ideas by Prototyger : Manufactures


So I looked around the internet and i saw some interesting ideas for borderlands and i thought write my own ideas. I really like borderlands. I made a concept from the Internet (5-15%) and by myself (85-95%). These are just ideas and I hope you will like it. I’ll show you in several sections. :smiley: Dont be too critical, These ideas will be more clear if you see all of the parts of concept. I wanted to make a more dimensional weapon system.




Weapon Types (with melle weapon system)

Ammo Types

Grenade Types

Shield Types

OZ kit Types

Other things (relics, shop system, red texts classmods badass rank etc)

Really sorry for my english XD


|Atlas|: Multifunctional Guns , High damage and Good Recoil Reduction , Can Change ammo type (and stats by the ammo type) When you change ammo type on your gun, necessary to reload

|Dahl|: Can change Single or Burst shot mode. Single shot is has a bit more damage and lower fire rate, similar to Jakobs guns. In burst shot mode when you pull the trigger shoot 3-5 bullet really with really high firerate and with high recoil reduction.|

|Hyperion|: While trigger is held increase accuracy and recoil reduction. The Default accuracy is a little bit worse then a same type of guns. |

|Bandit|: Really Large Magazine Size, Normal damage an fire rate but low accuracy and recoil reduction and slow reload speed. |

|Jakobs|: Big Damage and accuracy, Never automatic, no elements, can change scopes zoom value, and has has 250% crid damage instead of 200%|

|Maliwan|: Higher elemental effect change, There is a button in guns change between element or element and non element. Changing is 2 second long |

|S&S Munitions|: Cant reload, Small Magazine Size, Constantly Refills the Magazine with bullets from your backpack when magazine is not full. When you there is other gun in your hand theese guns are reloading as well in your backpack|

|Tediore|: Fast Reload, Thorw gun like a grenade and explode when reload when hit enemy with thorwing, shot him onece before explode,|

|Torgue|: High Damage, Low Fire Rate, Lower Projectile Speed, can has elements, Bullets Explode (small area effect) “I Love elements when explode” (effects like a normal explode but colored)|

|Protomora|: When you dont shoot with Protomora weapon in your hand, that is is charging, when pull the trigger the gun is shoot and use charged energy higher charge means higher damage and bullet speed and accuracy for one shot. Max charge time can be from 0.5 sec to 5 sec. Weapon has a part what shows charging level|

|Galine|: Little bit Lower Fire rate, Every shot spread more bullet than 1

|Vladof|: High Fire Rate, Fire rate increases while trigger is held, High Recoil rduction|

|Corazza|: When Corazza gun in your hand, that generate a shield covers half of you (or a big part of you) with a shield, shield can be destroyed but regenerate with reload|

|Anshin|: Give health and health regen and big elemental resistances, Fast recharge, Grenades heals |

|Pangolin|: High Shield Capacity, There is chance to reflect bullets to enemies|

|Phalanx|: When a Phalanx shield delepted makes a phalanx bubble shield around you end protect from bullets|

|Eridian|: Eridians made some special equipment for Guardians, These are still in the world as relics or special powered items|