Borderlands II: Shortcut to UVHM

I’ve finished playing BL2 and its DLCs with 3 characters in normal mode. I know I’ve got to finish TVHM in order to unlock UVHM, but it’ll took a long time again to go through the game once more to unlock it and then replay it, you know. I was wondering. Is there any shortcut to unlock UVHM (Single player, offline only, I don’t conect to internet while playing games. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )? Like a cheat code, editing an .ini file or Windows7 registry, loading a saved game or something? Just in case for people who are in a hurry! :grin:

Not really. Just gotta trudge through it the old fashioned way.

Edit: Not sure about on PC though. If there are any fancy cheating methods, it’s not really allowed to discuss them on the forums anyways.

Not to be a dick, but if you don’t actually enjoy playing the game right now, why do you think it’s going to be more fun once you reach UVHM? Leveling up is part of the game. I know it’s time consuming, but you are using that time to, seriously I can’t stress this enough, play the game. You don’t have to do any of the DLCs to reach UVHM though they can help with the leveling process.

If you really need EXP, you can either use the test dummy or if you have a friend who is either really far along or good enough that they can play on 2 player difficulty solo, join their game on your time off and enjoy the free EXP.


Sorry, these things are perferred not to be discussed here. Skipping a play through with cheats and file edits is not how GBX intended their game be played.