Borderlands in Ultra Wide Screen (21:9): Support isn't too bad. But it can improve

Loaded up the game after a while, looks alright so far.

These are my initial impressions.

  • The in-game hud scales but the positioning isn’t really designed for 21:9. But not too big of a deal for me as I generally don’t push out the hud around the edge of the screen anyway.

Tinted Overlay doesn’t fully wrap edge to edge

Some of the main menu stuff are HUGE

Kreig will still wang block the UI

In-game is great.

There is an annoying skybox glitch when your character sprint, it will disabled the “atmospheric haze”, but the moment you stop it will be back to normal again. Not sure if its a Engine bug or something related to the cell shaded filter.

Generally enjoying the game in 21:9, if you are thinking of getting a UHD Monitor then ask me anything. I’ll be happy to answer.


That’s awesome


Looks amazing. RIP my wallet…

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What FOV setting did you have for those screen shots?

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FOV is 110.

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