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Barnacles will shred you quickly. I accidentally fell of our dock and hit some of the way into the water, and came out a bleeding mess. Not fun.

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That also kind of looks like the Overwatch symbol.

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just listened/watched this vid. Hell Yes! 4 characters already designed one of which is still in the Alpha stages. its a fun watch if you’re anxious for BL3 updates/news. we should be getting release date information by 1st or 2nd quarter of next year.

the soldier sounds so ■■■■■■■ awesome. Able to deploy Titans. WTF?! sounds really cool. and a coop skill added to the soldier tree allowing your titan to equip a turret that your coop partner can operate! I can’t wait!

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Wtf’s a titan

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great question. watch the video on and the images they show are of a different game, but I “guess” it’s something similar to what they displayed. I’m unsure on that, but sounds really f’ing cool.

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The beings that predated the Gods in Greek Myth.

In reality they’re using it in reference to the Titan suits in Titanfall if I’m not mistaken(basically giant mech suit / robot things)


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yes, this is what I speculate as well. I don’t play “other” games. so I don’t know specifically, but I’ve heard of Titans fall. just never played it. the images they showed had these Titans dropping down from the sky like meteorites. assuming those images were from that game Titans fall. looks pretty damn cool. I’d imagine it’d be like the moonshot canon. getting Titans shot down to your location.

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I’ll keep an open mind, but I can’t say I’m not a little sad that they didn’t branch out with the starting 4 characters like they did in TPS.

And I have no idea how a Titan sized character would work in a Borderlands game as we know it, but a more practical version reminds me of an unfinished character concept I did 4 years ago.

EDIT: Lol, I even named him Kronos.
EDIT2: The AS name also came before the TPS sniper

  • Omni-Cannon: Manifest a swarm of nano-plates that converge to make your Omni-Cannon, complete with electric quad-barrel railgun and support machine gun. As it levitates and follows you around the battlefield, either hold the action skill button to recall it, or double tap to assimilate with your Omni-Cannon as a mechanized suit. Increasing your firerate by +30%, weapon damage by +32%, and shield capacity by +15%.

Game Changers

Granted it's been 4 years, I've improved a lot

(Candy Shop)0/1: You can now select a shield in your inventory, as if you were favoriting an item, to give to your Omni-Cannon.

(Monochrome)0/1: Your Omni-Cannon’s railgun now fires Cryo, Slag, and Shock beams at the same time. Literally tripling it’s damage! With a small penalty to accuracy.

(Disobedient)0/1: While on cooldown, your Omni-Cannon has a chance to ignore that and deploy itself.

(Great Minds)0/1: Shooting a different enemy than your Omni-Cannon has a 50% chance to cause it’s quad-shot railgun to ricochet to that enemy.

(Pain Train)0/1: Melee augmentation. Meleeing now causes you to drop your shoulder and bum rush forward 6 meters. Cooldown: 14 seconds

(No Turning Back)0/1: You now have +100% gun damage, +100% grenade damage, and +50% movement speed while in assimilation mode. But your Omni-Cannon now deals -60% less damage.

(Zero G)0/1: Double tapping the jump button now turns off your personal gravity for a few seconds or until you press the crouch button.

(Dead Man’s Trigger)0/1: Any enemies you were currently shooting when you go into fight for your life instantly trigger an explosive nova on them.

(Imprint)0/1: Your Omni-Cannon now has 4 mini turrets that follow it around and have reduced versions of most of your Omni-Cannon’s current abilities. These will indefinitely respawn while your action skill is up.

(Solder)0/1: Shooting your Omni-Cannon now converts 50% of your damage into health for your turret.



(Live and Learn)0/1: Your Omni-Cannon can now launch rocket volleys that spawn fire flak around the impact area. Also, while in assimilation mode the “Live and Learn” and “Monochrome” cannons spawn on your left and right shoulders respectively. But their rate of fire is now decided by how many enemies there are and how badass they are, instead of at regular intervals.

(Parasitic Symbiote)0/1: Whenever your Omni-Cannon is destroyed or when it expires, it will now assimilate itself with the closest non-unique enemy and regen all of their health. The affected enemy is now your ally, they will do their base attack along with having all of your Omni-Cannon’s current abilities. If the enemy is still alive at the end of the duration, your Omni-Cannon will inject molten silver into the enemy causing them to explode. If no suitable enemies are near, then your Omni-Cannon will self destruct into a slag nova.

Last one’s too cringey

Skill Tree Design

One tree for turret focus, mechanized suit focus, and hybrid focus. Granted he is very basic, the same criticism I’m offering about Gearbox. But it was 4 years ago, and he is only the 2nd character I’ve ever designed. And unlike my siren, he’s never never been finished, reworked, or updated.

He’s also not even close to being my favorite character thematically anyway, in terms of one’s I’ve designed.

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Cool art. Is the game any good?

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Never played it so I couldn’t say unfortunately. I think I’ve seen some people on here say they’d dabbled with it before (not sure who though) so checking in some of the other off-topic threads may be useful.

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OK, so this is a bit whack, but whatever:

I got one of those scam e-mails today claiming that I needed to appear in Federal Court. Naturally, I poked my mail client to view the content in plain text and check out details like the return address, actual URL for the link, etc. Here’s what I saw right at the top:


Well, you know exactly who’s voice I now have stuck in my head. It actually makes the scam e-mail more amusing:

All it’s missing is an “And remember, I’m always happy to take your money!”

And to complete the circle, the scammer’s URL is located at an IP address in Russia…

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And thank you for getting that voice stuck in my head. :joy:

I started reading the rest in his voice. too funny.

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I did the same thing! :rofl:

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This is cracking me up…AGAIN. lol


No idea what mental mars is. Is it known to be reliable at all? That stuff does sound pretty cool.

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for the most part yes. Seems reliable.


I’ve seen so many ads for Borderlands 3 leak sites and videos, I don’t even bother most of the time. lol

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And really who cares anyways? We know it’s coming. We know it’ll be worth half a day’s wages. Knowing ahead of time about the characters was actually kind of disappointing.

I want to buy it, open up the game and discover everything myself.

Hype trains create disappointment every time. I’m going to put my head back in the sand where it belongs until it’s available for purchase.