Borderlands Japanese PS3 Claptrap DLC

I am curious as to what is happening with this Gearbox? Have any decisions been made to start looking at potential remedies?


10 days since last reply, would be nice or a little reassuring to know if the CM is looking into it or got back to you at all. We just dont want to be left in the dark :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, I don’t have anything to add other than that your concerns and requests have been forwarded. Obviously, the CM doesn’t have much control over marketing and sales decisions either - about all they can do is pass on information.

Thank you.
I hope he comes back to you with any information he might get a hold off. Its a really ■■■■■■ situation for completionists and fans :confused:


The issue is we do not have a voice as we are not big youtubers or influencers that have a big following too get our voices heard. This really is a simple fix and the fact we have supported Borderlands more than most by buying a different region game too play it all over again and collect the trophies in it should speak volumes for us and this alone should get this sorted

You guys have more power too get this too the right people so it would be very good if this can be brought to there attention atleast maybe once a week please dont let our views get ignored thankyou.

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When can we expect some acknowledgement or some sort of process to get this fixed?

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Yeah, it’s been some time since this debacle happened. I and other completionists would like some news about a potential fix.

I always thought that releasing trophies that are unobtainable out the gate is against Sony’s policy. They don’t have event-based trophies (Overwatch, etc.) for this very reason. So why would this be any different? Is this just something that happened and both parties are like “ehh…” about? Would be nice to fully know what’s going on with this.


@VaultHunter101 Is there any word at all as to if or when this problem will be fixed?

Sorry, no. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times, but since I’m not a GBX employee I have zero insight into what happens after that. If it’s in the PS4 version but still not in the PS3 one, that may be the best you can hope for. PS3 and 360 are both long out of official support, unfortunately.

You see this is what we do not UNDERSTAND you say all support is long out yet they added these patches and caused this mess in the first place all because they remastered Borderlands 1. So tbh this either needs deleting from sonys servers or the DLC itself needs releasing so we can get our 100% completion. This has happened with other DEVS and they have sorted it out this being the example game " Painkiller Hell & Damnation" Now in my opinion these are not big triple AAA devs and they got it sorted out so im hoping Gearbox sort this out!

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As I said, I’m not privy to any internal deliberations at either Gearbox or 2K. All I know is that the only function of the patches to the 360 and PS3 versions of the game were to allow transfer of saves to the current generation console Remaster version.

There are just a few (but we are many) trophy Hunters complaining about the new added trophies in the Borderlands trophy list, nobody at gearbox cares about them but does someone think about the thousands of japanese gamers who got these new trophy list and thought “wow! finally the latest DLC for me to play” but instead , they got smacked in the face!

sorry for the bad english, its not my native language

Well i have finally got a reply from Gearbox on Twitter!


Great news! Fingers crossed!!!


That’s great news. It’s good to hear that the issue has been noticed and is being looked into. It’s relevant to a lot of people. Until now, the situation was kind of discouraging (support contacted, bug filed, community manager contacted, but no way of knowing about the actual status and the chances of a resolution).

It would be great to finally have all four DLCs on the Japanese GOTY PS3 version, too. That would really be the best solution for the problem created by the new update.


Any updates on this? It’s been about a month since the twitter response.

I haven’t heard anything, no. But Gearbox tend to hold their cards pretty close, so the lack of information isn’t uncommon.

Im sorry but I have had a reply on Twitter from the developer themselves and as far as im concerned it has came across as a STFU kind of tweet from them as they are simply ignoring it again. Seeing as I got an official reply surely more can be done from this forum to contact the right people. Me and many others are sick and tired its a simple fix either release the DLC which it seems they do not want too do or simply contact Sony and get the trophies removed from the server. Anybody would think were asking for a lot here. More like years of hard work having a 100% account just for it too fail because stuff like this happens smh.

Interested in having this fixed, Gearbox.

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I still have hope they will fix this and release the DLC for it at some point. There probably just focusing on the release of Borderlands 3 at the moment. I just hope we get an answer about it, rather know if it ain’t gonna be fixed than keep getting my hopes up from replies like “we’re looking into it”.

Be a shame if they don’t fix it, seems easy enough to fix as well. So many people have lost there completion to this game. :frowning_face:

Let’s just hope GearBox listen and follow through with there tweet and are looking into getting this fixed. :smile:

Edit: As I can’t reply to the thread anymore I’ll post this here from 04/01/20

Well guys we tried, I thought maybe after there Tweet we might have got this fixed, but I guess they don’t have the interest in fixing this for us trophy hunters. It’s a shame as many of us put so much effort in completion for our trophy lists to be screwed over by something like this. I won’t be asking or trying anymore as I’ve been asking on Twitter and giving Gearbox/2K tickets. They always said there looking into, but on a busy schedule, but it’s coming up to a year that this happened.

I know it’s petty, but I actually did not buy Borderlands 3 because of this and I was looking forward to that so much, but I can’t support devs that don’t even listen. At the same time I get it… The PS3 is old and basically all devs are long gone from it. It was just that one patch to transfer your character from PS3 to PS4 caused this. Anyway, hope everyone had a good Xmas and New Year. That we be it from me, peace everyone! :smiley:

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