Borderlands loot the world mobile system?

I was browsing around the play store when I found Borderlands loot the world app by 2K and Im having a difficult time using it. I dont understand whether I need certain QR codes or they are posted on facebook or twitter? Someone help me understand its system and how to use it.

It scans UPC codes as well as QR codes. Take that new toothpaste you just bought and scan the UPC and it iwll give you a random weapon. You use stamps to send the weapons from the app to BL2 through the shift system. They used to have scannable codes that gave you more stamps on their social media accounts.

Thx for the help so u mean almost like Barcodes

Yup. A UPC is a specific barcode type used around most of the U.S. I believe it’s a US only app if I remember correctly.

Yes I tryed it out and it works thx for help though