Borderlands Lore Overarching All Games: Theories

Since this doesn’t apply to one specific game in the Borderlands franchise, but all of them I figured I would out this here:

Exploring Atlas & Sirens

So, seeing how Atlas knew more about the Vaults than anyone else, I had a thought. Since Jack bought the rights to Atlas, lets assume his knowledge of Sirens came from that acquisition.

Atlas had one confirmed Siren of the six, Steele. Atlas also had Five Omega Assassins



And of course Athena.

They all share character models and attacks in BL1, but what if there was more to it?

What of Atlas had figured out a way to identify potential Sirens and selected these six women to train up for the time when their powers manifested.

Angel & Lilith’s emergence meant that there were two less siren slots, which would account for Athena’s or any other Omega Assassin’s lack of powers. Steele’s death could be the trigger for Maya’s powers emerging. Perhaps those with emergent siren powers were fitted with power inhibitors and that’s where Jack got the tech that he used on Angel & Lillith?

Don’t forget the other siren in one of the Borderlands origins comic books.

Not sure on the timing of that, though. Maya was dropped off at the monastery at some young age presumably because her parents realised she had powers, and were afraid to try and raise her. The question then would be, at what age was that, and when did that occur relative to the BL1 timeline?

Jack strikes me as the sort of tinkerer who could figure out the power controlling (note: control, not inhibition) thing for Angel himself. And that would have to have happened before Athena went rogue and single-handedly destroyed a large chunk of Atlas (which had to have happened between the events of BL1 and TPS, given the Knoxx echoes in both games.)

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The 'Get to know Jack" echoes indicate that Angel’s powers manifested young, but… He makes no mention of her being a Siren until the echoes with her as a young adult. She displays none of her obvious Siren abilities in BL1 & doesn’t recognize Lilith as a Siren in TPS. So that’s why I connect his specific knowledge to the Atlas acquisition on my headcannon.

The timing of the Comic character, Maya, & Angel are fun to think about. That’s why I put out multiple options. The idea that Atlas found a way to select potentials and trained them as Omega Assassins from childhood in hopes they would manifest fits best. In that scenario the number of them being full blown sirens can be mutable.

It also means that Athena can have latent potential to become a Siren, which may yet manifest after Angel’s death. :wink:

With some diligence a timeline that starts with the discovery of the first Vault & Steele by Atlas and explains the beginning of the Omega Assassin program could be developed. That Vault being opened could be what triggered the Sirens starting to manifest powers. Atlas studies Steele and finds something that seems to be an indicator. It just so happens the people on Maya’s planet have prophesies from an unknown source that give them clues on what to look for as well. Lilith just happens to be a wildcard, though she has an assassin skill tree so maybe there is more to her background than we know?

She sounds pretty young (pre-teen) during the “Get in the chair” dialogue. Yet she obviously had powers that would have identified her as a siren before then. (“You didn’t see what she did to her mother”) Which, coincidentally, has me wondering if Angel’s mother wasn’t also a siren, and that this would be how Jack apparently knew as much as he did about them?

I blame the writers for that! Seriously though, the siren concept was not really as fleshed out until the dialogue for BL2 was written, so I’m less inclined to theorize on what Angel may or may not have known or been in BL1. Heck, the closing cut-scene to the main story makes it look more like Angel is merely a satellite-based AI! There’s some serious retconing in Tassiter ordering Jack to move a satellite away from Pandora, and Angel’s revelation as a siren that can interface with computers.


Oh i’m not saying Angel lacked abilities, just that neither she or Jack knew she was a Siren or the nature of what Sirens were until after they had access to Atlas’s info. Before then Angel was just a freak with powers. Also there was no Eridium on Pandora prior to the Vault of the Destroyer being opened so those experiments weren’t underway yet.

And yeah, all of this is my way of bridging certain plot wholes and development snafus like reussisng character models to have some basis in lore.

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