Borderlands matchmaking

Does anybody have a problem with matchmaking on playstation iv been trying since the new update yesterday and it doesn’t to be working and the friends list in the menu is gone its completely blank and it just has players met

Yep mine is exactly the same.

It’s been having issues. We’ve been joining each other either through recently met or by opening the game up and joining straight from friends list.

Anybody managed to get their friends list back?

I just got my friends list back, like 2 minutes ago.

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Well, let me restart the game and see if I can see my friend’s list again lol

Nope. Mine is still gone. Did you do anything different to try to return your list or did it happen out of the blue?

Same issue here since the new patch.

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Just out of the blue but im checking my alt account and i cant see my friend list there, so i think it was just a random fix.

It seems that only affect certain accounts cause some of my friends can see me in the roster, their game works as ususal (including all the online features) and they can invite but non of those options are available in my menu.


Daddy Randy giveth and taketh away. I guess.

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Mine came back for 2 minutes then went again and its still the same now .

Have 0 clue if this means anything…
But I was playing with a friend, my lobby, had no Friends List.

His game crashed so I decided to change my Mayhem to 11.
Once I finished changing to M11 I was able to see my friends’ list again.

Not sure if it was the change in Mayhem
Not sure if my friend being in my lobby when he crashed
Not sure if anything else was going on…but

Try changing your Mayhem, to 11 even, and see if that works.
If it doesn’t, then I’ll chalk up my sudden fix as a lucky break that might break break for real reals again.

May the odds be ever in your favor, VH.

My friends are back since few hours. Restart my ps4 and they still here. I haven’t done something special.