Borderlands Math

I have recently watched two different build videos , from two different youtubers, talking about two separate skills. One was fire rate increase the other was added projectiles. In the video they both had limits on how many points to put in each skill , they both mentioned increased reloads and the time that it takes to reload as why.

So my question is … is there some kind of borderlands 3 mechanic that makes this true ?

Because if your hit percentage stays consistent , added fire rate or added projectiles would only mean more damage in a shorter period of time. Reload time being static, you can either reload after 15 seconds or 10 seconds but the damage doesnt change. The only thing that would change this would be mag size.

Or am I totally off base? Or is there some Borderlands magic that makes this so ?

Might want to look at stuff @Prismatic posts like:

Just some examples, others have stuff too. Just use the search bar in top right and read a few relative posts. People always come here saying they saw so and so on youtube. I dunno about everybody else, but you say a name or someone from youtube and I will have no idea who/what you are even talking about.

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Damage per second (DPS) is calculated on the full cycle so fire your entire magazine and reload. Increasing fire rate or reload speed means your DPS is higher. It has nothing to do with BL3 rules in math, it’s like that in every game.

Your reasoning seems ok to me and, all things being equal, I’d agree that limiting points in skills that boost fire rate seems unproductive.

The only gotcha in this case - assuming the same basic mechanism as BL2/TPS and BL1 - is that if you are on a platform locked at a low frame rate, certain fire rate increases become meaningless. So XB1 and PS4 are pegged at 30 fps, meaning guns can only fire at most 30 times per second. If you’re firing at 15 rounds/s (I know…) that means you get a shot off every two frames. If you’re firing at 17 rounds/s you’re still only getting a shot off every two frames, because rounding. IOW only certain fire rate values will give you the actual fire rate you expect when the game is capped that way.

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