Borderlands microstutter, please help test!

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Moved you into an appropriate thread. See posts 27 and 28 for an answer - routine memory purging of objects in-game (the “phase out” of dead bodies, dropped loot, etc.) can trigger microstutter, but there’s an ini setting you can tweak.

There’s a few other scenarios/causes/fixes described in the thread too, so if it’s not the object purge it might be one of the other issues.

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What’s your normal, good framerate? A 30FPS drop makes a big difference between playing at around 40 vs. 165. I get dips of 30FPS fairly often, but they’re brief (and G-Sync makes it much harder to notice unless I drop like over 100FPS down into something below 40).

If a 30FPS drop is noticeable, that makes me think you’re playing at sub-70FPS, which is where I’d start. Also, what resolution are you playing at? I used to rock a nVidia GTX470 (with a little Core2Duo CPU), and I think I cruised at maybe 65FPS on average @1920x1200.

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I play average at 60-70-80 fps at normal fight scenes, 1080p monitor, i tried video settings with low/medium/high (on/off) - there is a little difference like 5-10 fps but again - lowest drops are like 40 fps in intense fights - i use sawtooth cauldron map for tests, because it is the most intense. Yesterday i did a little search on google and i found a lot topics with same problems - ■■■■■■ fps on high end machines. I did a bunch of changes in .ini files and i got increase from 33 to 43 fps, which is kinda good, but i dont think thats the maximum of my hardware. All the needed software is installed - vcredist, directx, win10 64-bit…

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It also has some long draw distances, depending on where you are, which is where I will see some drops as well. Specifically, when there is a lot of detail from close to me and into the distance, with combat taking place in that line of sight.

This doesn’t sound like what I think of when I think of ‘microstutter’; this sounds like “normal” game issues. As in, I usually play at 164FPS (G-Synced to a 165Hz monitor), and in those same situations, it can drop down to the 50s. However, this is rare, and it is brief (and G-Sync makes these transitions between framerates transparent). If it got down below 40FPS, I would still notice it.

This phenomenon is something that I think is inherent in this instance of their implementation of the Unreal engine (and I’m dying for someone to provide evidence to the contrary and answer basically all these questions in this support category). I mean, I’m dropping over 100FPS on occasion here, and all modern hardware does (faster CPU/GPU and G-Sync) is keep the minimums at an acceptable level and hide the transitions from me. When I ran an older CPU/GPU (nVidia 470GTX and Intel Core2Duo), I ran at a lower resolution, turned off some eye candy (not PhysX though), and set the game to “Smoothed 20-60”. I still got these sporadic framerate drops with busy draws, and the minimums were rough (think I saw 20FPS as a low, with screen tearing), but much of the combat would otherwise be just fine, no matter how much was going on.

The first thing I would look after in your system is why it’s only getting to 60-80FPS. If we assume that these big drops in FPS during deep, busy draw scenes is something we’re going to live with, we just need to get the total frame rate high enough that those dips aren’t noticeable. I’m not familiar with ATI’s stuff, but that seems like a newer card that should be able to push more FPS than that?

What’s the max refresh rate on your display, what’s your FPS setting in game, and when you’re on the character selection screen, what’s the framerate there (let it sit for a moment so the character starts spinning around). This is a good baseline for a theoretical maximum. What are you using to track framerate?

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I use FRAPS, of course i get sometimes around 100 fps but i wont tell as a normal/average fps. My monitor is 60 hz but for the tests i disable vsync and put frame rate to “unlimited”. At the main menu - min 160 fps max 260 fps, graphics on high/very high, some things are off like anisotropic filtering and other stuff that i dont see to make difference in the beauty of the game.

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Does anyone with AMD experience here have some context for this? As in, should a card of that caliber be expected to run this better (engine/Windows issues notwithstanding)?