Borderlands MMO?

I actually just posted this over at Telltale Forums, and would like some fellow Vault hunters to weigh in and help perfect the vision I have, and maybe influence the future. Here’s my ideas…

i was thinking about this with the ending of TPS, which i won’t spoil, but just a line of dialogue had me thinking…

recently a game came out that ripped off the borderlands format and tried to turn it into an MMO, with some degree of success. but the game never was as fun as Borderlands. so here’s my idea.

Destiny, but Borderlands. How it would work:

1. Create-A-Vault-Hunter

without the visible armor that destiny has, you’ll have to be able to create your own vault hunter and pick from a list of 20 or so “Classes” broken into categories. Cyborg, Siren, Marksman, etc. then each category breaks down into sub-cats.

2. World Bosses

say you’re on Pandora, in some random big ass field area, and someone who has gone through a chain of quests and raids to piece together a vault key. it spawns the boss and notifies everyone on that particular instance of pandora that a world boss is incoming. it has a 3 minute summon timer, allowing all who want to participate time to arrive. then, the boss fight starts. for simplicity of example, imagine the Denial boss from Claptastic voyage, with one large boss that spawns tentacles, and occasionally some adds.

upon the fight starting, the game analyzes the number and level of the players involved and adjusts accordingly, spawning level 7 tentacles for the level 5’s-7’s to fight, maybe some mid level adds for that demo, and then the main boss itself, a level 35 monster being tanked and spanked by the higher levels.

everyone at every level then gets to feel important and included in this massive group accomplishment.

these are my first two ideas for the concept. so tell me, what do you think? what would you add, and most importantly, would you be as excited for an MMO-ification of the Borderlands formula?

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You’ve seen the actual Borderlands MMO that’s being developed for the Asian market, right?

no, i haven’t… never even heard of it. why only the asian market?

okay, just looked into it, and from the articles i’ve read, it’s not really going to be the true Borderlands MMO we’re waiting for, more of a spinoff version for china. though, i’m sure they’ll use that as the testing grounds for things that end up in the MMO.

I really like this idea! And thought about a borderlands mmo myself. But would it be PC exclusive as most mmos are or will it come to consoles?

The Asian video game market is huge and dwarfs the Americanmarket. There’s a lot of money to be made. Plus gamers in Asia are hardcore. Some of them play so much it’s a detriment to their health.

i didnt think anyone was really waiting for a borderlands mmo. lol. (with the exception of a few people maybe)

anytime ive seen that mentioned on the forums most people say its the last thing they would want borderlands to turn into. its certainly not something i am hoping gbx develops, ever. tbh i would much prefer it if they jus kept with the current system of co-op but co-op thats not forced and you can still play the whole game solo without being forced to team up or pay extra to access content thats locked for mp/online only.

it would be great to have a massive open world where you can interact an see every other player to some extent with some of the features you mentioned like the world boss thing etc( as long as it was soloable and scaled with the number of players. but imo borderlands should not force people to play co-op or online which if it was an mmo it would most certainly do.

tbh tho an mmo is not what i want borderlands to turn into. it can certainly take some aspects of some mmo’s an rework them into borderlands content or style but it should not go full on mmo an force people to play online with others in a specific way. try playing destiny solo offline an see how much content you can actually access or complete solo, (hardly any thats actually worth playing)


in my experience, there is nothing i can’t do in destiny solo, except Nightfall and Raids. i spent most of my time in Destiny solo in fact.

and yeah, i’m not talking about a WoW type MMO, but something similar to Destiny i could picture.

I don’t know about a true MMO but a mesh of something like BL and destiny would be fun.

4 player co-op, public events in world, 6 person raids, strikes etc…

upgrades on shields and guns and coms ?

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NO NO NO. Seriously. Look at The Elder Scrolls that tried an MMO and TESO is just awful. Bungie tried a “Halo’ish” mmo and most people agree its a tad boring. Borderlands does all that Destiny does and did it first and did it better and did it offline and online.

As someone who put about 70 hours into Destiny and came away feeling “meh” I think Destiny was the biggest let down of the year . Seriously defending that flying robot thingy as it did stuff got was pretty much the whole game U__U

Also if the servers go down no one can play Destiny.

Games dont need to be online all the time and I think Borderlands 2’s millions of sometimes online sometimes offline players agree.

The only way I could support the idea of a Borderlands MMO is if it has no effect on the development and release of BL3. And 4 and 5 and 6 for that matter. :wink:


Yes you can solo things in Destiny. But you cant solo Destiny offline. Always online games are a plague that ruins the overall gaming experience . Anyways it does look like Gearbox are making a Borderlandish game for those that for no real good reason have to have forced online and to be honest Battleborn is looking better than Destiny, lacks customization by the looks of it though.

Still looking like I wont touch Battleborn with a barge pole while wearing an anti online hazmat suit though >_>

Nepht. Did you need to repeat yourself? I never realised only you had money to buy games. I thought there were billions of people and each of them may purchase it. Now I know different I can only expect games to be released that you would like. All praise the mighty Nepht.

Everyone was giving subjective opinions.

Nepht gave a subjective opinion (4 months ago, mind you).

Why are you taking specific issue with that one?

Your post isn’t so much addressing the issue as claiming that the degree of distatisfaction @Nepht_ would have with that game is related to her ability to stymie it’s product or sale.

I don’t quite understand why you’re making that accusation, or why you’re saying it in that way.

I get that it is an opinion. One they posted twice. My comment was called sarcasm. Maybe you have never heard of it.

Nepht’s first post was a general reply to no one in particular. Nepht’s second post was a direct reply to martydrebel27. As @Giuvito stated above, your response doesn’t come off as sarcasm but more as a personal attack 4 months after Nepht’s last reply. If your forum account was more than 2 hours old, you might have known not to necro an old thread. I recommend reading the forum rules if you plan on actually contributing.

FYI, here is an example of sarcasm: GBX was about to announce a Borderlands MMO until Randy saw this thread and realized Nepht wasn’t gonna buy it. The announcement was promptly cancelled.

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Friendly advice. You can read an opinion some one has and not assume they’re trying to pass on a universal manifesto. Just relax mate, I promise @Nepht_ Isn’t deploying secret police in an attempt to subdue a Borderlands MMO.

What @Giuvito said.

Besides, there’s already a Borderlands MMO in the pipeline. It’s just in Chinese. (And no, that’s not sarcasm - go look it up!)


strange to suddenly see a 4 month old convo pop up again.

The developers have always strived to balance solo and coop play. Why would they force this now?

If they were to do an MMO style Borderlands, I wouldn’t be immediately turned off. But I have learned to be leery of MMORPGs because they end up being intentionally tedious. They also tend to bottleneck people into only coop end game content.

I play solo 90% of the time, split screen 9% of the time and online coop 1% of the time. I would play more online coop but there are so many trolls out there that it really destroys any inkling for me to play with others.