Borderlands Movie Actor/Plot Wishlist

After months of speculation we can finally say; “Borderlands” film will happen.

Now is the time to officially hash out a full discussion on which actors are best suited for the roles, and from where (and when) should the plot line pick up.

We can come to a community consensus, and I will update the guide as need be.


Handsome Jack-
Sir Hammerlock-

More names to come.

As this is obviously nothing more than a wishlist thread, take it with a pinch of salt. But remember to work within reason as it is unlikely that they will be operating with an acting budget of 300 million (i.e. no Jennifer Lawrence for Maya and Bradley Cooper for Axton, with Al Pacino as Claptrap).

SO Questions, comments, concerns, deep thoughts, revelations?


I can only see Johnny Depp playing my dear Mordecai…Anyone else will disappoint me. Unless someone has a better idea.

Tom Hardy for Krieg.


The Missus said the exact same thing in the morning.

I feel the question will be; "Which set of Vault Hunters or even VAULT HUNTER in the singular, will be the one to take the attention for the majority of the script?

Will this be a Villain driven drama, where the most important casting would be for Jack? Or will it be a “hero and his team” where the likes of Roland would be critical.

Also, there are some actors who would be more than willing to cameo for a moment and bow out gracefully.

I’d very much see some one like Danny McBride playing Scooter.


Allison Scagliotti as Lilith. If you’ve ever watched Warehouse 13, you’d see she is perfect for the part.


Oh man yes! She’d be perfect to play Lilith.

Interesting choice. I like that you’re thinking far outside the box.

Give me your reasoning.

I would love Johny Depp to be in the movie, but as Shade, not as Mordecai. :wink: :grinning:


The attitude of Claudia Donovan on Warehouse 13 is not all that dissimilar to Lilith. Scagliotti has the look and sound of Lilith. And she’s the right age to start a movie franchise so that we can have multiple sequels.

I also think this movie would be absolutely wrecked with too many big name actors. They need to keep the cast modest with only one or two bigger names. She fits this theme nicely.

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I can’t stress the last bit you said enough.

I’m not saying it has to be a cast of nobodies, but the last thing needed is a parade of " oh look at this famous person ", like The Expendables.

That being said, there has to be some star power, or you’ll have empty theaters.


I’m honestly hoping it’ll be animated


I want to see Robert Rodriguez direct it

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I’d wager he’d try to grit it up. A bit like Desperado. I’d say there’d be more luck with Guy Richie, he often puts comedy first and action second, but still has good doses of both.

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i’m with goth,live action will probably be a,every game to movie ever

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Hopefully it won’t just become another great series with plans for movie being announced only to ultimately disappear pre-production.
I was quite disappointed when I found out that Bioshock had been cancelled after everything set up for it, such as Gore Verbinski being announced. I think that would have had a lot of potential as a movie.

Back on topic, I think Samuel L Jackson (Although quite high budget and not very likely) to play Roland, he does a quite amusing Soldier.
Or John Hurt, the War Doctor in Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, Mad professor in Indianna ones 4, Olivander in Harry Potter as Zed. From what I’ve seen of his works he plays mad quite well.


John Hurt plays Pandora.

John Hurt plays the bullets that come out the guns.

John Hurt plays Zed’s left knee cap.

John Hurt plays ALL PARTS!

…oh…and Crispin Glover needs a role…probably as a really weird rock.

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Just throwing this out there -
Antonio Banderas as Zer0
Zoltan Bathory for Sal
Jeff Goldblum - Zed
Djimon Hounsou - Sir Hammerlock
Hugo Weaving - Wilhelm
if I can’t have Bradley Cooper, then Dax Shepard for Axton
Amanda Siefried - Gaige
Owen Wilson - Scooter
Scarlett Johannson is Moxxi. Accept no Substitute.
Neil Flynn - Claptrap


Luis Guzman as Salvador



Jet li as Zero : He can ninja extremely well, but dialogue isn’t his strong suit.
John Hamm as Handsome Jack
Luis Guzman as Salvador: just because he’s perfect for it, you’re totally right @orion5666 no one else will do.
While I’m agreeing with people, imma agree with @Kitty_Jo and say Johnny Depp as mordicai.


Handsome Jack contenders:
Ben Mendelsohn is someone would be perfect choice, has a long track record of playing villains in media and he is very good at it, he is an excellent actor and not being A+ list means might be a realistic get.

Bradley Cooper would be another fantastic Jack with the looks, voice and talent but he doesn’t like playing villains all too much so he would be a hard get not to mention his price tag.

Leonardo DiCaprio would be another great choice for but he doesn’t do this kind of thing unless a friend is on the project.

Kelly Reilly would be a perfect Lilith I actually though it was her in the live action bit of the Borderland 2 till I looked it up.

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Sharlto Copley, the guy who stared in district 9 and played the crazy pilot in the A-team. He would make an excellent scooter