Borderlands movie casting call 2: revengeance

Had this thread going in the old forums and it was pretty popular, felt like it was worth reviving here. Yes I know about the fan movie in the works, but I’m talking about a legitimate 2K lead big budget movie. Let me go ahead and iterate right now that I do not want a Borderlands movie, as video game movies are generally bad. I just thought it’d be a neat idea to throw around some casting ideas.

I forget everyone we had already decided on, but these are the ones I thought fit best. I had it based in Borderlands 2 universe with the idea that the Borderlands 1 movie would be a prequel.

Roland - Idris Elba (Heimdall from Thor)
Lilith - Mila Kunis (Solara from Book of Eli)
Brick - Tom Hardy (Bane from Dark Knight Rises)
Mordecai - Johnny Depp (If you don’t know who Johnny Depp is you probably aren’t going to be interested in this thread, truth be told. Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, Hunter S Thompson aka Raoul Duke from Fear and Loathing)
Zer0 - Possibly Jet Li (Yip Man from the as-named martial arts movie), though the point would be to get a skilled martial artist in general. Maybe do a Darth Vader and get his original VA to do the dialogue.
Axton - Paul Walker (Brian O’Conner from Fast and Furious; unfortunately deceased, rest his soul. May need to recast if we want to stick to living breathing actors)

Not sure if someone’s already made this thread in the new forums yet, if so please do point it out. Otherwise feel free to add on.

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Needs to be animated

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Do we not risk the universe imploding if he plays 2 different characters with the same name?

While I like Tom Hardy, and a lot can be done with camera angles, I think we need someone larger for Brick, Dwayne Johnson large, I am not up on American Wrestling, but I bet they have a few Wrestlers who would fit the bill.

I am racking my brains for a good Salvador and Maya.

I think Kreig should get his own movie.

Definitely Tom Hardy, he was awesome in Mad Max, so he’d be one of my choices.

Also, Nux’s Lancer, Slit. Whoever played him instantly reminded me of Krieg. His way of speech (I can’t describe it, but anybody who’s familiar with Krieg who’s seen this movie would know what I mean).

Or was Slit the driver, with Nux as the Lancer?

I wouldn’t mind, but I’ve watched Fury Road about a million times, I should know this stuff!

Borderlands universe could be too big for just a movie. An animated series would be pretty good I guess.

I am not a fan of Mila Kunis, i just dont get the hype about her…
Zer0: the guy who played Darth Maul: Ray Park.
Moxxi: Well someone short with large… eyes.
Brick: Dwayne Johnson would be perfect!
Scooter: Jeff Foxworthy!
And thats about all I got right now

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I found my Maya

Morena Baccarin : AKA Inara from Firelfy

It won’t be, its a flagship movie and animated movies only do well for kids in America. It will be live action.[quote=“monkeytc, post:6, topic:1130096”]
Zer0: the guy who played Darth Maul: Ray Park.

Zer0 is extreemly tall and Ray Park is really short, also I met him at a comic con in chicago after the first xmen movie, total jerk. I don’t want to see him in anything. He was charging kids 25 to take a picture when much bigger people were doing it for free.

His paychecks from starwars and xmen should of been enough to not charge to get a picture with him, even more so with little kids.

He is another sterling sharpe, better off forgotten.

[quote=“Nac_Mac_Feegle, post:3, topic:1130096”]
I think Kreig should get his own movie.
[/quote]You are a genius. Here’s the keys to my car.

Hell why not.

She does look very Maya-esque. What movies has she been in?

Well she was in Serenity, the firefly film, and apparently she was in the new version of V, my link above was to her IMDB page, you might recognise the other stuff she has been in, I didn’t really check it out

She already stole my heart in Firefly

Oh hey, how about Burt Reynolds for Dr Zed?

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If they can yank her from the Resident Evil movies long enough Mila Jovovich would make for a good Athena.


That could be amusing! Good old Burt.

Found the perfect Maya - Lena Headley
She has all the right attributes, and even looks right. She’s great in 24 and Dredd.

Actually, Tim Robbins could do Zed perfectly

And how about Charlize Theron as Lillith? Slim her up a bit, punk her hair, right personality…

Bruce Campbell as Zed. The former Army of Darkness icon was born for this role. There can be no other.
As for others I really like…

Bradley Cooper as Jack. Jack is my favorite character in gaming history. Cooper has the charismatic personality to thrive in this role, with the ability to go psycho dark due to his superior acting skill. Plus the look is spot on.

Chloe Grace Moretz as Gaige
Emma Stone as Lilith
Carla Gugino as Moxxie
Matthew Lillard as Mordy

Either for Mordecai or a really good bandit bad guy they should have Michael Mando play the part. If that name is not familiar, he is Vaas from Far Cry 3, both in character and voice.

You seriously need someone bigger than Tom Hardy for Brick. The man even caught flak for not being big enough for Bane.

I don’t know what his english sounds like, but…The Mountain as Brick?

It’s probably only because he’s fresh in my mind as someone I’ve seen recently but Thomas Jane wouldn’t make a bad Axton.

Jovovich came up in the old forum as well, though I think it was for Lilith. But this is more for BL2 events, and the only thing I can think of where Athena would fit in is a post-credit scene of the framing device for TPS, in which case why not.