Borderlands movie has a director

So looks like Eli Roth will be directing it. Now, im not too sure on his directing skills as i may have seen few of his films. I just know him for being one of the Inglorious B* characters.

Now, films based on video games doesnt have the best track record. So although a film about the Vault Hunters is epic, im iffy on how they can pull it off with all the stuff that makes Borderlands…Borderlands.

Your thoughts?

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Gearbox has been trying for years to get this made. There was a flutter on the forum a year or two ago and we generally concluded that we would be horrified to see a live action adaptation.

Eli Roth is a professional d-bag, so I honestly can’t see this succeeding in any way.

Hey, at least they didn’t get so desperate they got Uwe Boll.

By the way, RT currently has a list of 43 video game adaptations. Of those, only 3 haven’t been crapped on.


It already took 5 years or so to find someone to helm it, and that doesn’t help to fill any confidence I could’ve had in the movie. Confidence that wasn’t there a couple of years ago when the movie was first anounced.

One important aspect of the BL series, the shoot-and-loot, probably wont translate well onto the silver screen. And that is not even beginning about the already mentioned track record for movies based on video games. More often than not we get the weird Mario movie equivalents instead of gems.



I love Tales, which does a great job of feeling like the Borderlands universe while still being a TellTale style narrative game. I was hoping for a similar sort of thing with the movie, maybe new main characters and a standalone story set in the Borderlands universe, but apparently according to the early story beats that have come out that’s not really what we’re getting, and they’re just retooling the world and characters as they see fit.

I’m not a big Eli Roth fan. My expectations are low, so maybe I’ll be surprised.

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I have no faith in this movie. Eli Roth is a hack, and the rumored plot sounds terrible.

Brian Taylor, the guy behind Crank and Happy!, would be a much better fit, imo.