Borderlands movie

so now i see where randys been. with kevin hart making a borderlands movie.


Oooohhhh. Kevin Hart as Roland. That’s new.

Hmm, as much as I like Kevin Hart, I don’t really see him as a Roland type.


I just hope this isn’t total cringe. Potential story plots I’ve seen posted elsewhere look… really cringey.

I wish they had gone with something animated rather than live action, and cast the voice actors from the games to voice the characters. (But I guess they’re going for a star power big budget thing.)


Sh*t. I agree, Kevin Hart is good, but he will do a bad job of Roland, if they’re making him anything like the games. Feels like another sign this film is gonna suffer from “Hollywood adaptation disorder”, by which I mean it’ll be nothing like the source material and bad in its own right, because the makers figure they can half-arse it and do their own thing and still make money from fans, off the title alone. If they screen test it, it won’t be actual players, who’d point out the issues and it won’t get any better based on reshoots and redubbing lines.
See artemis fowl for a perfect example of this, but there’s a lot of films that have suffered this fate, annoyingly.

Based on what little info we have, I’m still holding some hope but if I’m right, this isn’t gonna be worth paying to watch, and I’d wait for it to reach tv.


That would probably have been much better.
Sadly, if they had gone for an animated film, they’d probably still have chosen a bunch of big name celebs for the voices, to put on posters, since that’s what usually happens.

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Yeah that’s exactly what I’m worried about. From wikipedia:

That’s kinda old information and much could have changed, but if it’s something like this still… ugh.


Good lord that sounds cringe


They lost me at Kevin Hart. I doubt most fans will want to see Roland portrayed in a comic style. My guess is the result will be something like Aeon Flux.


Best would be Samuel l Jackson :rofl:

But then they can’t kill him or people would hate the movie :joy:


Man, maybe my opinion is unpopular, but I just can’t see borderlands as a movie, borderlands just has a lot of “fantasy” stuff that I don’t see working great with live action, and this is not only about guns and design, but the lines as well (like, get handsome jack, the best villain, and try to imagine a real person talking one of his lines), it feels cringe to me. And if they remove those “weird” stuffs, it won’t be a boderlands movie, it’ll just be an action sci-fi movie


Laughing… the info we have at the moment is all based on their decisions for BL3. Oh well. :sunglasses:

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The simple fact that this premise was even entertained is enough to convince me that the village idiots in charge of it haven’t got a clue about what Borderlands is about, their research into it sounds like it began and ended with a few google searches about who the most popular characters as well.

Kevin Hart playing Roland is just icing on the cake.


Knowing what we do about video games as movies, I want to see some opinions.

Will a Borderlands LA film be better than Mayhem 2.0?

  • Movie
  • Mayhem 2.0

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Mayhem 2.0 in general or at launch?

@vCarpeDiemv Even Mayhem 2.0 cannot be as bad as this so-called “Borderlands movie,” at least what I have read about it to this point. What a train wreck that movie is going to be.

But comparing Mayhem 2.0 and a possible BL movie to determine which will be better is like comparing two car accidents where someone died in one of the car wrecks, but did not die in the other - both are terrible, it’s just that one is slightly worse.


Is there that much of a difference? I have used the same 5 weapons since DLC3 :sweat_smile:

Let’s say Pre-M11 M2.0

the year is 2077, Randy Pitchfork is the new M. Night Shamrock, and started his career in the video game industry. His first film debut was actually based on one of the long forgotten video games he was in charge of. When asked why he made the move from playable media to the big screen, he told us: “Bideo game hard, movie monie go BRRRRR”

cyberpunk trailer music


Well the movie will come out but if you want to see the whole movie you will have to buy a Movie Pass. The sound and visual effects will be substandard but they are going to be aware of that with a small possibility of a fix later on. Also occasionally in some theatres the movie will just shut down for no apparent reason or the screen will lock up.


@patbateman72 You’re killing me here LOL

But there is definitely a lot of truth to the satire in your post.


sadly there is no way this movie will be anything good