Borderlands movie

Their goal is going to be to make a Blockbuster franchise, I seriously doubt they will Rotoscope the film. I can see them using some approaches along the lines of Alita: Battle Angel for some of the more Steam Punk & alien characters and creatures but mainstream audiences are accustomed to Live action or full CGI lead characters. Rotoscoping is an art-film niche

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I have not seen the movie, obviously. Mayhem 2.0 made me quit BL3 for good,… so I am going to pick the movie for now. If the movie is just as bad as M2.0, I think I will just have to dump the series future and stick to playing BL1/Bl2/TPS for my BL fix.


It will be included in the 3rd season pass fam.


Guess we will have to wait for the “Directors Cut” on DVD :rofl: