Borderlands multiplayer

I was one of those that when heard borderlands new game to be battle Royale and multiplayer to be like “aw hell nah” but honestly I bet it would kick ass anyways, better characters with unique abilities than any other out there. Who agrees? And any idea how they could make every siren and characters work? I think it would be fun

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Don’t know where you heard that news from but allow me to point you to the current discussion on PvP, enjoy.

I believe he’s referring to certain rumours that circulated before Bl3 had been officially announced. Some people thought Gearbox might be implementing a battle royal mode.

The performance gaps between player builds is bigger than Destiny and Division so if you really want a PVP game mode where you get destroyed by players with optimised loadouts then go ahead. Just look at the duels for example it rarely lasts longer than 10 seconds and there’s always a clear winner when the duel starts.

The first Borderlands has these PVP zones but nobody really used them. Borderlands will always be a PVE game so you’re playing the wrong game if you’re looking for something PVP.

Ah right lol, I didn’t keep an eye on the rumour mill as I prefer to approach the game cold with an open mind after enjoying previous games.

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Totally get it! I was in the boat that as soon as BL3 was announced i needed every little shred of news i could get :joy::joy::joy:

Amara: Phasebrawler
Points in: Illuminated Fist, Sustainment, Laid Bare
Special effect: Activating your action skill grant you max rush stacks which gradually decay. Rush stacks also grant % bonus to melee damage and melee speed. Max stack cap +5.
Red text: The Dragon Warrior says, “Skadoosh!”

The effect, you’ll notice, is inspired by the Phasezerker, one of Amara’s most popular and powerful mods, but this time bonuses are granted to melee builds. The addition of the two Fist of the Elements skills, along with the mod’s special effect, will grant Amara players the freedom to create a melee build from the Brawl and Mystical Assault trees which, with such skills as Restless, Soul Sap, Stillness of Mind, Laid Bare, Remnant, Awakening and Avatar, could prove extremely potent. Right now high end melee builds go predominantly into the Brawl and Fist of the Elements trees so this would be a substantial new opportunity for Amara players.

A few words on the points I have chosen:

  • Illuminated Fist. One of Amara’s best boosts to melee which has not yet been used in a legendary mod. A nice overall damage boost and the ability to make your punches deal elemental damage of your choice. Would be substantially improved if Amara received the ability to swap her action skill element without menu switching.
  • Sustainment. A powerful life steal skill which, yes, benefits from elemental melee. Notice how it matches up with Illuminated Fist? Your melee will now keep you in the fight longer.
  • Laid Bare. Potentially my favourite skill in the Mystical Assault tree. Now you will be activating your action skill to trigger melee bonuses and at the same time debuffing your foes so you can deliver even greater melee damage with, yes, even greater life steal. Skadoosh!

Red text is a reference to Po from Kung Fu Panda, a warrior whose growth in the mystical side often enabled him to win his fights. Zen destruction indeed.